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Do you always use glasses or plates to drink/eat?

Asked by ohmyword (608points) April 23rd, 2009

I live alone, so 80% of the time I drink straight from the carton, eat out of the box, etc. Does everyone do this? Or am I a lazy, college student slob?

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I eat out of the pot that I cooked it in usually. Since i’m usually cooking just for me, my theory is that I shouldn’t make any more dishes than is necessary.

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I always use a cup, and a plate or bowl. I will only eat out of the pot I cooked in, if it’s the last of the food and I’m finsihing it up.

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sometimes, i use a hollowed out skull. and a pimp chalice. my place has a very “sexy pirate” vibe to it.

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You’re young and not raising children. I did the same as you in my youth. How I hated to clean more than a pot.

When you own a home with a dishwasher, and someone buys you nice plates from which to eat from, you’ll want to change your habit.

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Well, it depends on whether a plate and utensils are required…If I can go without them I will…I hate doing dishes

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I live alone and I usually drink out of the can or bottle and if I do need a plate, it is usually a paper plate.

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…is there is the exception to the rule- slobber away…

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Even If I lived alone I would not eat/drink out of the carton. Your saliva mixed with the food or drink can make it get funky from bacteria. I know, you will say you don’t “backwash” but it doesn’t matter. There is saliva on your mouth and the fork/spoon you are eating with (I’m assuming you don’t eat it with your fingers).

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…elijasuicide, now it just sounds yucky!!! i say what you say in the words of nacho libre or like it: everything you have just said is my favorite thing to do everyday… what elijah just said…

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I always eat off my nice dishes and cups but how I long for a dishwasher!

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I always use a plate if at all possible. At the least a napkin.

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Doesn’t have anything to do with being in college, I did that long before I went there. Why would I want to make more dishes for me to wash?

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@eponymoushipster I’d like to see your place around Halloween with all those skulls, LOL.

There’s just 2 of us, but we always use a plate & glass/cup. Even if I lived alone I would. I agree with casheroo, I’ll eat out of the pan if it’s the end of something.

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@elijahsuicide oh god, you’re right. I might change my ways now…

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@ohmyword yeah, someone’s always shivering my timber.

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@eponymoushipster I hear you have a sexy peg leg.

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I don’t take off my glasses to eat or drink.


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Also, is it wrong that now I’m slightly more attracted to you?

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haha, I guess not

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I so seldom “cook” that eating out of the pan does not come up. You need a bowl for cereal. You need a dish for microwaving. If you heat up soup in a pan,it is too hot to eat out of the pan. When you use the Foreman grill, it is too unwieldy. I buy real meals from an online provider that sends them in “boil in bag” format so that needs a plate. I buy drinks in single serving side. Clean up is mostly rinse off.

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