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Can you help me fix the wiring in my car radio?

Asked by lendwill (187points) April 23rd, 2009

There is is problem with the wiring in my car. I cannot listen to the radio at the same time that the headlights are on. This started occurring after my older brother and a friend installed a new radio. As far as I know there must be a mistake in the wiring but I cannot understand what could be causing it. If the radio is on and then the lights are turned on then the radio goes out, and when the lights are turned off the radio comes back on. If the lights are on and you try to turn on the radio then the radio is unresponsive. Please help me. Is it just a faulty wiring job of is the problem more serious?

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Sounds like wiring. They probably unintentionally crossed your headlights and the radio, or possibly hooked the radio up to the headlights for power. If it’s the second one then the headlights are taking priority when you turn them on and the radio isn’t getting any power. If they crossed them then it’s shorting it out.

It COULD be the fuses, but it doesn’t sound like it. And that’s easy to check (they sell kits at like lowes or most auto parts shops for like 10 bucks with a thing that checks if they’re working).

I would recommend taking it to a knowledgeable radio installer or mechanic with electronics knowledge (probably harder to find than your avg mechanic).

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