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Beer Debate!! What's your favorite beer and why?

Asked by joybells34 (359points) April 23rd, 2009

mmmmm….beer is my favorite. I grew up on Bud and Coors light but my favorite beers are Great White and Longboard. On occasion I like a Tangerine Wheat beer. I guess it all depends on my day lol.

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Sapporo because it means I am also having sushi.

My usual is Coors Light though as it fits in the budget.

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Sam Adams Light, but I don’t know why. I’m not really a big fan of beer, but if it’s hot out and we have the grill going, I’ll suddenly get an urge for a really cold beer.

I also like Corona, which I just discovered this past weekend. It was all my cousin had. Maybe I like it for itself, or maybe I liked it because after the three glasses of wine I would have liked anything. Hm. At least it was fun to shove the lime down into the bottle!

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@Dog Coors definatley does fit the budget and lets face it, it does the job lol

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Newcastle. It goes with everything.

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Miller Lite… kinda cheap but good.

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@joybells34 “it does the job” Yes it does!

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I’m a microbrew fan. Where I live, there are lots of microbreweries, one of which, New Belgium, uses wind power in their production. Gotta like that. There is a restaurant/brewery in town that makes this chili pepper beer. Sounds weird, tastes amazing.

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Arrogant Bastard. I’d try to explain why, but you wouldn’t understand

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I don’t have one favorite. I go from beer to beer. Some of my favorites include Heineken, Brahma, Moosehead, and Alexander Keith’s. I don’t enjoy drinking dirt cheap beer.

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Goes great with lots of different foods, and you can still play pong with it. Newcastle is a close second. Goes well with wings, but kind of hard to chug.

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Steinlager from New Zealand is my favorite. It has a crisp, clean taste.

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Newcastle. It even tastes great warm. Malty = good; I can’t get down with hoppy.

Colt 45 works well when I’m low on scrill.

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I’m a Guinness girl myself in the States, but when I was in France I drank Grimbergen (I think it was Belgian). I’ve never been able to find it in America. I loved it.

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Blue Moon with a slice of orange in it. Nom nom. I can’t eat oranges (allergic to the pulp), but a tasty crisp beer with orange flavoring? HELL YES.

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Any New Belgium beer. I love their seasonal ones, like Skinny Dip and 2° Below.

Also Red Tail & Anchor Steam.

I prefer dark beers. Mmm.

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I love Pabst because of this bar and its happy hour.

BarFly’s Review of Jolly Inn
(a.k.a. “The Bucket”) Much as the gentrification of the Jolly district – note the wholly-transformed Roger’s just up the block – may bother dive bar purists, the Bucket’s ongoing ownership roulette hasn’t too terribly altered routine. Old men still drop quarters upon the war-torn bar for another plastic big gulp (their trademarkable bucket) of draft Pabst. Gutterpunks still organize packed-out-the-door band nights and foosball tournaments that never quite come together. Not-quite-slumming hipster couples have always popped in near last call, and Ladd’s Addition homeowners ever dared the occasional happy-hour round. Fresh paint, newly-taped vinyl benches, and microbrew alternatives have only improved things, really, and how nice that the south side of the bar no longer smells of urine?

Happy Hour | Calendar | Bars Nearby | Map
Happy Hours
Monday 75 cent PBRs 9–10pm
Tuesday 75 cent PBRs 9–10pm
Wednesday 75 cent PBRs 9–10pm
Thursday 75 cent PBRs 9–10pm
Friday 75 cent PBRs 9–10pm
Saturday 75 cent PBRs 9–10pm
Sunday 75 cent PBRs 9–10pm

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…i’m changing my answer ‘cause i cheated- NOT… yes i have from rootbeer and bacardi rum on the rocks to michelob light in a bottle at about 32 degrees f… light taste of beer and cold- like it cold…

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@BookReader That is cheating. :)

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@MissAusten hell yea! :)

Sam Adams light is the shit. Im not really a beer person either, but its so yummy.

I just tried this recently though, and i think it may take the crown IMO as best beer.

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Stella Artois! Its got a little more to offer when it comes to taste.

Though my “let the good times roll” beer is definitely PBR. So, props to Buster, or lurve, rather.

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@GoldieAV16 I have never heard of Newcastle before. Seems like lots of people like it. Where is it from? What kind of beer is it?

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any one out there ever tried Tiger Beer? The national beer of Singapore and imho one of the best in the world.

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btw, don’t try it if it’s imported…if you go to singapore try it (nice place to visit in any case)

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@Dog: Sapporo = sushi, yeah!!!
Tsing Tao for spicier foods because it’s crisp and light.
Red Stripe for drinking by itself because it’s rich tasting to me, almost a dessert.

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Haven’t found a dark beer I didn’t like…except the one time, long time ago, my cousin tried to home-brew. Didn’t do it right, and had about an inch of yeasties in the bottom of each bottle!

My favorite is Shiner Bock. It was a microbrew before the term was invented. I also like almost anything from Samuel Adams (Boston Ale, Nut Brown Ale).
@uberbatman I once met the brewmaster from Flying Dog at a political function. They have a pretty tasty collection. Also I like Tommyknockers.

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Blue Moon, goes great with wings and a burger. Love the slight orange taste to it.

Sam Adams Cherry Wheat in a close 2nd for the same reasons.

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I very rarely drink beer, but if I’m at a BBQ or something I will have a Heineken or a Red Stripe. I love Woodchuck Cider, but thats not beer. I tried a PBR once, because all the hipster dive bars decided it was cool, it tasted like shit.
I want to try the Blue Moon others have mentioned, it sounds pretty good.

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@Dog I second that! And the weirder the sushi the better! mmmmmmm now I want some Urchin & Tobiko / Ikura ;)

I love so many diff kinds of beers, if its a nice hot day then I love a nice Peroni or Corona with lime…..if i’m out with the lads then ill drink John Smiths, Boddies…..If im in the US ill drink Sam Adams, Michelob, Flat Tyre, Coors…....
If im in South Africa i’ll drink Woendhoek or Black Label.

Im now gonna grab a beer from the fridge!!


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A few microbrews from around san diego… Guinness, Indio (mexican dark), XX, and bud light… michelob ultra is ok.. BRAHAMA from Brazil is amazing…..Sapporo is nice with sushi.

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The habanero pale ale or whatever chili beer that’s available at Steamworks in Durango.

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Guiness is fab, has to be Extra Cold tho…....Caffreys used to be delicious 10yrs ago but it’s changed now and isnt great.
@Dr C yes Brahama is very nice…..goes great with Nandos!

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Schöfferhofer weizen. Weißbier. Flowery taste, and very refreshing.

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@dr_c pray tell- which microbrewerys in SD?
I love Coronado brew pub.
There is an English Pub that was awesome in little Italy and I cannot remember the name.

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Dinkel Acker and Kulmbacher Eisbach are my fave German beers.

Okocim is my favorite Polish beer

Pilsner Urquell is my favorite pils

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Guinness, Erdinger (German beer) and San Miguel (Spanish).

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@Dog i agree… Coronado is fantastic… so is Karl Strauss…. BJ’s in Chula vista has come up with a few winners… and i plan to visit a couple this weekend so i’ll let you know if i find anything else worth mentioning ;)

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@Triiiple i think cherry wheat is good but for some reason i cant drink more than a couple of them.

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Great White is great (brewed just down the way) however, Milwaukee’s Best @ $5.00 a 12 pack is hard to argue with.

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@Dr_C I have been to KS but not BJ’s yet. I think the aforementioned pub is called the Queens Pub. I will look it up when I am down in a few weeks. They had an incredible Guiness.

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@boffin Great answer Boffin!! lol

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@uberbatman Ive been trying every Sam Adams brew, Cherry Wheat/Winter Lager/Honey Porter/Blackberry Witiber are the ones that stand out in my mind as tasting great i could do a 6 pack of any.

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I like the blackberry a lot too, to me thats a dessert beer. Quite yummy though.

I <3 Sam Adams

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The best beer I ever had was at a place called “Goat Feathers” in South Carolna. It was some kind of Irish beer but I don’t remember the name sadly.

As an everyday beer I drink Corona or Heineken. Though I’m a huge fan of microbrews as well.

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I really like microbrews. I tend toward the ambers and darker stuff -often a like a little more malty end of things. I really liked a lot of the local winter brews. They’re so umphy. I will try most kinds of beer, but tend not to like the yellowy light looking things as much. I can occasionally go for a nice cloudy hefeweissen that tastes what I’d call “spicy” -which basically means I want to have a gingerbread cookie with it. :^>

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Yuengling, or Yuengling lite if I’m feeling bloated- because it’s perfect. I could drink it for breakfast.

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Anchor Steam, Bells, Busch light (if I’m trying to get drunk), and most any pale ale.

If I’m really in the mood to get drunk, I’ll have some Steele Reserve. Cheaper than dirt and like 10% alcohol. Terrible hangovers, though.

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Oaked Arrogant Bastard would have to be my favorite. Stone brewing makes some quality beers. Also I really like Moose Drool and most Rogue Brewing beers. The best beer I have ever had is Christmas City Ale by Prescott Brewing Co. in Prescott Arizona. So good….

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I forgot Sierra Nevada. Great beer.

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New Castle because it tastes creamy to me, Hoegaarden because it tastes like flowers, and Magic Hat #9 because it just tastes amazing with burgers and hot dogs. Budweiser is nice with Alfredo pasta!

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Japan – Sapporo
American – Moose Knuckle or a good Sam Adams… oh and Pyramid
Jamaican – Red Stripe
Belgium – Stella Artois
English – Bass
Australian – Coopers
German – Becks

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SORRY I am an alchopop fan!! But my mates loves his local brewries – Lake District Beer, Pendle Brew etc…
Alsp have you tried Tui beer from NZ anybody??

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Belhaven, DoubleDiamond and a French beer I’d buy many years ago from an upscale store after work in New England, I have never had it since; all I remember it was in a large brown bottle with a cork and tasted wonderful, a real “champagne of beers”.

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I’d have to say picking just one beer is just cruel :-).

If I had to drink just one beer the rest of my life, I’d have to say Anchor Liberty Ale would be my pick, with Rogue Dead Guy Ale a close second.

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So many brews…so little time!

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Heineken, Samuel Adams, Fat Tire. last beer? 2 yrs ago.

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