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What's wrong with my lawnmower?

Asked by zephyr826 (5605points) April 23rd, 2009

I went out yesterday after I got off work to mow the lawn (which is looking a little tropical rainforest-esque) and tried to start the lawnmower. We have a push mower, and I filled it with gas, then pushed the little primer button the suggested 3 times. Then I held the two bars together and pulled the cord to start it. I pulled the thing almost all the way back past my shoulder and it didn’t even catch. Is there something major wrong with my mower, or is it a little thing? Could I possibly repair it myself or should I take it in? This is obviously not my area of expertise.

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I often find that for the first use of the season it takes more than the usual number of pumps of the primer to get gas up to the carburator. I think that’s because as it sits over winter, the line between the tank and the primer pump empties, so the first few pumps just move gas up toward the pump, but don’t actually get any to the carb. Try 6–8 good pulses of the bulb.

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Try some good ole startin fluid

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Could be that you need a new spark plug. First, make certain the spark plug is connected. then as @Harp said, prime the sucker REALLY well and try again.

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I dread going over to my parent’s to try and get their aging mower started. Can’t put it off much longer though.

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After talking to y’all, I LOVE my gardener, even if he’s just a mow, blow and go kind of guy.

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It sounds like the pull start mechanism isn’t engaging to turn the motor over. Depending on the mower the part can be purchased. It depends on your mechanical aptitude as to whether you want to attempt the repair yourself.

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Firstly check if the spark plug lead is on properly and if it still does not work replace the spark plug.
Time for a service, I think..:)

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You left gas in it last October. It all evaporated and left a sticky gunk residue that is holding your float valve in the closed position. Since you put gas in it yesterday I’m betting it freed itself up and is working fine now. If not, do you smell gas when you pull the cord? Try starter spray in the air intake. It works wonders.

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