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Do you ever feel like you aren't being yourself?

Asked by veronasgirl (1765points) April 23rd, 2009

I was thinking about this the other day. In my mind I have a distinct personality but depending on the people I am with, I notice that I act differently. I am comfortable with myself and who I am, yet I still have trouble “being myself”. Is this a subconsious behavior? Does anyone else notice themselves behaving this way?

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Only when I’m not being myself.

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However I am, is myself, or I wouldn’t be doing it. It may not be my ideal self, but no one is perfect.

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Sometimes, yes. But I think it’s changing, or at least I hope it is as I get older and more mature and therefore more comfortable with who I really am.

I was born in raised in a very liberal community in Northern California. My extended family lives in Connecticut, though and we visit them about twice a year. That is when I most often feel my personality switch. I almost feel as if I was raised in two different worlds and can’t decide which is right for me.

But I’m figuring it out and settling into myself.

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Just about every day at work, to an extent, I think most people are the same. My co workers are rarely my friends or acquaintances so I’m pretty guarded with what I do outside of work or details of my family life. Several of them tease that I’m like the resident ‘school teacher’ or prude but it keeps them from gossiping about things they’ll never be a part of, it feels safe.

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I have a couple of relatives that I’m not myself around. I pretend I’m someone who actually likes them.

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I was mentally ill, and acted very differently from the way I had been acting up until then, and also compared to now, after I have had my mind modified with a course of drugs. I look back, and think that I definitely wasn’t myself then. Although, that leads to an existential problem—who am I, if not myself?

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yes. it’s weird. for the majority of the day at school, i just feel completely different. on bad days i feel like a zombie, on good days i just feel like a different person, but rarely like myself. as soon as i leave though, i feel like my self is just kind of being poured back in though. it’s strange.

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