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What if two recruiters are talking to me about the same position?

Asked by Strauss (20580points) April 23rd, 2009

I have posted my resume on several job boards, and have received emails from two separate recruiting agencies for the same position. Would it be ethical to apply to both agencies for the same position, and take the best offer?

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actually most companies will reject your application if presented by different recruiters or refuse to accept from whoever presents second. and no, not a good idea to let two recruiters represent you for the same position for the purpose of letting them play against each other to get you the best offer – here again, any sane company will simply not consider your application.

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Tell the second recruiter that you are already being presented by someone else, and ask for a different referral. The whole purpose of working with more than one recruiter is to have more referrals, not to play them off each other.

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Yep very in this time and place. Apply to both and the rest be damned.

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It’s perfectly ethical to bargain with them, in my opinion. You have to be quite self-serving when it comes to employment.

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