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How is it that a homeless guy has a cellphone?

Asked by jessicar (225points) April 23rd, 2009

I just drove by a homeless guy holding his will work for food sign in one hand while talking on his cell phone will the other hand. WTF!!

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i forwarded a friend of mine a pic of michele obama feeding people at a homeless shelter and there was a guy photographing her with his cell phone. my friend, who has a homeless brother (and is a bit defensive at times) told me that she pays for his phone, pre paid. so in other words in this case it may be a phone someone else pays for.

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A pre-pay cellphone is probably the best resource someone who’s down and out has, since it can be cheaper than making calls at a pay-phone and gives them one consistent number for people to reach them at. In many cases, this can be the only lifeline that can assist in getting them out of their circumstance.

If for whatever reason I became homeless, it’s the one thing I would make sure I had.

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Because a cell phone is not a house?

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How is a person who is homeless supposed to get the call for a job if they don’t have a phone? For most, it is more important than an apartment. Even if you can go to a shelter and clean up, if they can’t call you back and tell you that you got the job what good is going to an interview? I even think that there are charities that focus on getting cell phones to homeless people because it is so important to stepping up from their situation.

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Go back and watch him. See if he drives away in his porche.

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Here in Columbus there are a few “professional” pan-handlers. They make enough money to live off of, just begging for money on the main street by the University. I’ve seen a few of them pull out cell phones, and even talk with other bums on their cell phones about where people are giving out good money.

The rapping Bum (locally famous in Columbus), is no longer a bum, and in fact has an album of his “raps” (which really are all just the same beat with different rhyming words). I’m pretty sure his begging has paid for a place to stay and then some now.

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He can’t have a home phone.

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Was it in Washington DC??? If so I saw the same guy a week and a half ago!

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People are homeless for all kinds of reasons, some not only have cell phones but also motorbikes and cars.

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I am from victoria bc Canada and we have a hugh homless problem.. You see most of the people down town -” homless” are not there because they have to be, they are there because they are addicted to drugs and do not want to stop using. If you see someone you think is homless with a cell phone they are probley a street level drug dealer.

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