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IF you have ever studied philosophy; can you tell me what vocation you are in now?

Asked by nebule (16446points) April 23rd, 2009

…why and how you got there…. and of course if your studies of Philosophy helped you get there… x thank you

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I was 12 units away from a BA in Philosophy before I changed my major and schools. Philosophy is useful in any profession that requires thinking, reasoning and evaluating arguments. But, it can lead to drawn out discussions that lead to absolutely nothing.

I now work as a law assistant, so practical philosophy does help. But, philosophy is the best way to learn about everything in the universe, and our interactions within it.

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My late husband majored in philosophy as an undergraduate, got his Ph.D. in developmental psychology, and was an academic. He taught in college for his entire career, and loved it (see Teaching with Your Mouth Shut by Don Finkel for his extraordinary book on education).

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My community college teacher went to law school and was working on writing an intro book while figuring out if he wanted to practice law or what.

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I’m a psychiatric nurse

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I did, and now I practice investment fraud. Once you discover moral ambiguity, you might as well make the most of it.

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@skfinkel Can’t believe you quoted that book…. was thinking about buying that the other day!

I only ask because when i say to people that I’m studying philosophy they say… “OH…where is that going to take you????” like I’m an idiot!

But I’ve thought that philosophy can take you anywhere..and I wanted to know that you guys have had direct experience of that…so thank you…. I can tacitly laugh in their faces now x

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Philosophy is a great foundation for the study of law. It’s an asset in any environment where thinking, reasoning, and thought experiments are important. It’s an avenue into exploration of the mind. And it sheds light on some of the great practical and societal questions such as how to enact justice and how to evaluate what we know. People who think it has no value because they don’t see a career title of “professional philosopher” are just showing their ignorance.

“Tacitly” means “in a way that is unspoken or unexpressed but understood.” Not sure how you can laugh that way.

Did you catch that skfinkel’s late husband was the author of the book that you were looking at?

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I majored in Philosophy, among other things, and I held so many different jobs, I can’t list them all. I have been a homemaker, homeschooler, volunteer, Foster Care Provider, and more for the last 30 years or so, since I stopped working for outside sources.

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I think that Philosophy is a good way to understand things that most people take for granted. A lot of majors would do well to have several Philosophy courses in their requirements. I’m taking a Philosophy of Science course next semester, and from what I’ve already studied it should provide me with a better understanding of the fundamentals of our knowledge and how we acquire and use it. I think everyone should have such an understanding.

There are many professions that can use a Philosophy major, but there are far more, and far better paying, in the Psychology or Law department. Really, if you enjoy it, pursue it and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It is far better to enjoy your job and make less money than to hate your job and make more.

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I’m a minister. I am also still in school and will hopefully end up teaching, but I was a theology major, not philosophy. A large part of the challenge to theology as I have encountered it comes from epistemology and language, so philosophy was helpful in that regard.

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An Actor. A professional one at that. Also I think I’ll study philosophy till I die for I have an interest in interacting with the world around me and how that world interacts with me ;-)

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I studied philosophy… I am on disability…I scaled down my desires…and I appreciate what I have.

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Wondering if anyone has changed their vocation still this question was asked?

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My profession is beggar. I have one year of philosophy. Two years of liberal arts. I owe $5000 in student loans.

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Ooh @talljasperman what is ‘liberal arts’ ?

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@nebule Liberal Arts is social science mixed with science.

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