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What is the most times you have ever had sex in one day?

Asked by sjmc1989 (5492points) April 23rd, 2009

Just curious what everyone’s personal best is.

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I always figured it was quality over quantity :) ...... In quality I’ve got ~3 hour personal best, and in quantity I wanna say 4 times in one 24hr stretch.

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7, it was a good day

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We did a good 14 hour span. Few breaks here and there for substenence and shared a few cigars out on my balcony. Bruised, a bit sore and exhausted the next day. :)

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If you include manual manipulation by a member of the opposite sex (or same sex…sorry Sue) as well as oral and intercourse then my record is 8.5. It would have been 9 but I can’t count the last time because there was nothing left in the tank, so to speak. ahhh youth and college

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7 or 8 in 24 hours. Breaks of various lengths in between.

I was only visiting for a couple days. :P

But I agree, quality > quantity. ‘specially when it comes down to soreness!

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7hrs, it was pretty neat.

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@westy81585 def. quality over quantity. :D

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Damn! there some in shape people on here.Yes I def agree quality over quanity but I once told an ex that I had sex 6 or 7 times (not quickies)in one night and he told me that was impossible(he was a one time and he was done kinda guy) So I just wanted to get others stories to prove my point

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and in that particular situation it was the best kind I had quality and quantity all rolled into one :)

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Most for us was 4. He says he prefers only once a day, because they feel better if they’ve been “pent up” a little. I’m ok with that. :)

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5 i think. i love quickies :)

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All these big numbers are freaking me out…wouldn’t it get tiring? Doing it that much doesn’t really sound appealing to me.

Of course my answer is 0 as I’m still a virgin… :P

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with someone?

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I don’t know.. I was too busy doin’ it to count.

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Haha @cprevite if we’re talking solo I think these big scary numbers would be a lot bigger and scarier.

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Five hours long with my husband in the first few weeks of going out…:D
Those were the days!!...:D

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5 hours on X

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@aviona my guess is we’d be seeing stuff like 28 hour marathons… yikes

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If you’re counting I think you’re concentrating on the wrong thing.

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The first night my husband and I had sex it was 5 times. I’ve determined that to be my absolute limit. Damn, people! Any more than that and I’d feel like a mummy screwing a pretzel stick. (I mean it would be real dry).

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I have no idea, but I’m sure it’s not nearly as much as people report here. I’m wondering what the hours answers mean. Does that mean one session X hours long? Are you counting how many orgasms? How do you define terms. Also, I’m wondering how many different people have people slept with in one 24 hour period?

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How many hours? How many orgasms? I’m not sure what answer you want.

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I’m just wondering if this is what people are counting?

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When I asked this originally I was wondering how many times you had sex in one day. Now how I determine this was how many times you and your partner got off and then went right back at it. Like I said earlier this stems from a conversation I had with an ex-boyfriend.

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@3or4monsters My man says the same thing! :)

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Right now the count is at 4. But it is going ot be a lot higher soon.

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9 was my highest count for one day, Hiding in the house all day, not answering the door. The kids were away on holidays, No drugs or alcohol only absolute lust. It was a good day!!

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5x in 1 day, 14x over a 2.5 day period. Damn those were good times.

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5 in one day, for 2 days actually.., I think 16 or 17 in all 5 days, it was just a 3 months ago and thanks for asking, it brings back warm memories. :D

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6 times. :) neither one of us have ever said no and we were both in a frisky mood. ;)

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