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Is there an alien contact protocol?

Asked by Master (1358points) April 23rd, 2009

I don’t know of any agency, besides SETI perhaps, who has developed a set of rules or protocol in the event of alien contact. Whether it is us contacting them or vise-versa.
What would we say? What would we share? How do we establish trust?

What would you suggest?

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Read the fine print and don’t sign anything without a lawyer present.

Oops. You said “Contact.”

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FEMA has one.

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Hand out some Cubans and pour some Scotch and let nature takes its course.

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Bring pizza and beer!

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Trust but verify.

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Do not, under any circumstances, let them do any testing on you. People that do tend to come back and tell it to the National Enquirer.

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Can you post the rules or link that SETI has? I’d like to read them.

I would say use caution and peaceful behavior at first. Be open about one’s concerns and motives would be another. And also tell everyone! instead of keeping it “secret”. :)

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Instead of pizza and beer, you may need methane in cannisters and silicon salad.

SETI No info listed yet on “Meet and Greet” protocols.

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Be careful and never go off with them in their ships if you see them carrying around copies of the book To Serve Man.

My apologies to Damon Knight.

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@Master Thanx. That certainly was interesting to read. Now they should write one on how to interact with such signal. I also think they should have put notify the public of the possibility before notifying everyone else. I feel as if this did happen and the government was notified then they’d put a hush on it before the general public even became aware.

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Steven Spielberg covered it pretty well in the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. They’re going to set up a landing site on the other side of Devil’s Tower in Wyoming and they’re going to play that nifty set of 5 tones on a massive synthesizer until E.T. comes out to play after the aliens land the mothership.

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The Voyager probes had a clever protocol for contact and communication. They started from binary and moved to hydrogen, helium, the earth and its inhabitants.
Smart folks. Hey! Did you hear that? What’s that soun-....

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Red alert! Shields up, sensors on long range, phasers on full power, stand by on quantum torpedos, prepare warp drive!

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With the US it would most likely be if they could not speak English or a language that could be understood, the jets would be in the air and the missiles armed. And if that failed the nukes would be waiting.

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