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how do you travel and get paid?

Asked by augama (106points) December 7th, 2007
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Lead a youth group trip for an organization such as World Learning or Global Exchange. Or write for a travel guide.

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Or get hired as a courier.

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teach english or something else (another language, music, farming, swimming, any specialized skill, etc)

babysit / nanny / au pair

if you know anyone that lives in the place you’re going, ask about setting you up with something or giving you a contact for the kind of work you want to do

decide on or design a career that’s based in or includes travel – as above, travel writing or photography (like for National Geographic), or journalism, anthropology, ethnomusicology, certain types of political work, performance of some kind, etc

decide on or design a career that can be done anywhere, perhaps otherwise a work-at-home job – get hired or get grants or whatever type of funding you get – and travel as you work – writing poetry, website work, an unlimited number of possibilities these days

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Flight Attendant

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do workshops and speaking engagements at colleges and universities. they pay for travel and an honorarium.

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Here’s the hyperlnk to the Group Leadership page for the EIL.

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travel nurse. but you really didnt give us enough info. what do you like to do?

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independent journalism, travel to an even over it as you enjoy it, register for press pass, and publish online through video/audio podcasting and blogging. Through up Google adsense and enjoy the trip. When you establish yourself, the you can talk about traveling on other people’s dime.

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Sign up for work on cruise ships. Good way of earing/traveling. I have been playing as show band musician on those and it is a good way of seeing the world. They are certainly looking for all sorts of employees, like waiters, cleaners, butlers, casino dealers, cruise staff, social hosts, dancing/ballroom couples, musicians, dancers, entertainers.

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Become a Referral Travel Agent, to get great discounts on travel, earn money from your own online booking engine, help other do the same and earn even more.

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Become a consultant. Or a trainer. Either way, specialized skills and knowledge are needed all around the world, and most consulting companies are wired to send people all around the world.

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