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Can someone help me with my airport extreme?

Asked by afghanmoose (554points) April 23rd, 2009

Freagin apple said they dont give free support over the phone for merchandise over 3 months old. My powere went out two days ago, then returned 10 minutes later but we had no cable,internet and phone. After an hour phone and cable came back but not internet, but my airport extreme connects to my imac upstairs but its not working wirelessly. can anyone help?

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Have you unplugged and restarted both your modem and the Airport? That usually does the trick for me.

Otherwise, your Mac should have the Airport software in your Applications folder, from which you can change your settings and reset the device.

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I tried reseting

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Its not picking up airport extreme

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Try looking on the Airport Support page… it will tell you what the different lights mean and how to check your settings.

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im doing the unplug thing for 5 minutes now

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Still didnt work

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Is it possible that the Airport Extreme was damaged by a power surge?

Can your computer see the Airport Extreme if you connect it with a cable?

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I restarted it with that little button on the back,opened te software to make sure its connected but i cant update it

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