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Do you still have your stereo and CD's or did you discard them?

Asked by jca (36046points) April 23rd, 2009
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I still have them. Not that I own many CDs, because I was broke for most of the past 2 decades.

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I still have my CD’s They make good coasters.
My computer is the only cd player I ever had aside of my ipod so yes, I still have it.

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I gave my CD player away. I sold some CDs on ebay, gave the really embarrassing ones as white elephant gifts, and put the rest out in the lobby of my building for people to rummage through. I had a lot of CDs, it took forever to get rid of them.

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I still have albums!

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I have music on my iPod and my computer. But… I still have my cds and… I still have my vinyl and my turntable and I still even have some cassette tapes! No 8 tracks though. :) I actually listen to most of the music I listen to on CD and most of the music on my iPod is stuff I transferred on to it from CDs.

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I listen to CDs in the car and on the stereo still. I also have some cassette tapes I had made from some out-of-print and rare vinyls.

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@chyna: Me too! But I have even fewer of them, because my brother had an amazing record collection.

@gailcalled: I have cassettes I made from albums… nothing rare though. I just hate the thought of putting them in a landfill somewhere. Eco-guilt keeps me buried in clutter!

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@hearkat Ditto on the eco-guilt. Keeps me buried in all sorts of clutter, not just the musical kind.

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I still have every cd I have ever owned I cant think of ever giving them or throwing them away. I also still own a vcr and have all my video cassette tapes Im very nostalgic when it comes to those things

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I’ve never owned a proper component stereo system. I’ve had a few boombox/mini-systems. Inevitably it seems the laser goes out in these after a few years. Today, my computer and iPods suffice. I am still buying and holding onto CDs, though the proportion of what I obtain digitally is increasing.

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I’ve only ever has my Sony shelf system from college. I paid a lot for it back in the day and I’m glad I did. The speakers are not even blown out. Ol’ Blackie is now in the living room of the flat and is only used for parties. People’ll plug their iPods in the AUX channel and we be jammin’. My CDs are in a couple of those Case Logic notebook things in the back of a closet.

I get all my music digitally these days, though they really don’t sound as good. I think producers are trying to make up for the compression by making mp3s loud, which makes the music sound a bit muddy. I hope one of you smart kids out there’ll fix it someday soon!

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Digital media is overrated.

MP3 compression kills sound quality.

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I still have my CD’s, but I’ve gotten rid of all the cases. I got rid of my cassettes and VHS tapes long ago. I wish I had the patience to download all my music to the computer because I would get rid of most of the CD’s then too.

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I still have all of my CDs and in fact periodically buy more. I also still have my entire stereo system, including my turntable, and I have not only my LPs, but also some of my parent’s 78’s. I even have a very elderly one-sided copy of “Over There” recorded by Enrico Caruso (Victor, 1918).

I have a hard time throwing things away. It appears to be genetic, as my ancestors seem to have suffered from the same problem.

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@Darwin Glad to hear it! Computers make awful stereos. I bought my NAD stereo 10 years ago and I continue to think of it as one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

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Some years ago I went to replace my turntable, which was a Radio Shack Lab-17 (a thinly disguised Gerard turntable, actually). The young man at the store kept insisting that Radio Shack had never made a Lab-17. It turned out he was 5 years younger than my turntable.

I replaced it with a Lab-70, which, sadly, can only play 33 1/3 and 45 RPM records, not 78 or 16 rpm discs. I now also have a free-standing turntable that can manage 78 RPMs.

I did eventually replace my humongous speakers with some lovely and almost invisible wall-mounted Boston Acoustic speakers a few years ago, and added in a powered sub-woofer. That was a nice upgrade and a space-saver, too.

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I’m in the market for some new speakers soon. I’m seriously considering moving out of my apartment because where I am, I can’t listen to my music the way I want to. The neighbors in my apartment don’t appreciate my tunes like I do.

Sissies. If I have to listen to my upstairs neighbors having clumsy, whiney sex at 2 am on Sunday night while I’m trying to sleep, they can deal with my tunes from time to time.

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I have cassette tapes , VHS tapes , mini disks , CD’s and records Why would i want to give any away ?

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I have all of my CD’s. I play them in the car, especially when Delilah comes on. (I can’t stand her sappy show) Christmas CD’s…I especially love those. Or I’ll get in the mood for something & play them on the stereo in the house. No, I’ll never get rid of them.

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I must admit that I got rid of the last few 8-tracks in a garage sale some years ago.

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@Darwin Don’t blame you there. 8 tracks are definately waaaayy past their glory days.

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My 8-track player was broken and no one could fix it. So…

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I have two component stereos; one runs the TV and does the surround sound thing, and the other plays radio and digital streaming music from iTunes. The TV stereo has a CD jukebox in it that I bought in 2002 or so, just before my iPod made it obsolete. I also have a cassette playing component, and I think the last time I used that was about the same time. And I have a VCR; similar tale.

I still have my CDs; I prefer to buy music on CD and rip it into iTunes, and then the CD goes on the shelf.

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Of course! What are you gonna do if your computer with all your music on crashes and you haven’t backed up, like what happened to me a couple of years ago?

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