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Is it traditonal for the parents of the groom to give bride a gift at the wedding?

Asked by danaftalis (1points) April 23rd, 2009

I have heard that this is a traditonal expense. Have also heard that groom gives bride a gift

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…my parents gift to us was paying for the entire wedding/reception and part of our honeymoon. They still gave us a monetary gift at the reception.

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No, I don’t think this is really traditional. Just something else to get a gift from someone. IMHO I think it is silly for the groom to buy the bride a gift and the bride to buy a gift for the groom. I think the fact they buy each other a ring and have a wedding is enough.

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I don’t think the groom’s parents are expected to give the bride a gift, I can definitely see them giving the couple a gift. The groom giving the bride a gift is traditional, but you don’t hear about too much these days. My husband did give me a gift, even though I told him I didn’t need one, but it definitely wasn’t expected.

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ohh you asked about the grooms parents i need to read the questions better
my husbands mother gave us nothing. not even a card. his dad gave us some money. he didn’t come to the wedding though.

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Not in my experience.

In our case my parents paid for the plane tickets and hotel expenses for the groom’s parents and sister to attend the wedding, as well as for the wedding itself and the honeymoon. The groom’s parents gave both of us a rice cooker and a beautiful album for wedding pictures, but they didn’t give anything specifically to me, the bride.

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The tradition you’re referring to is called dowry, and it’s actually supposed to be the Brides parents who buy the groom (and his family) a gift. The idea behind it originally was that the Brides parents (or Father since this is back before the mother counted) was paying the Groom and his family to care for his daughter for the rest of her life (excluding their reproductive capabilities, women were largely viewed as a burden).

It is not commonly practiced in most western cultures today. However it is still practiced in a multitude of 3rd world countries.

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Is it nice? Yes, it’s very thoughtful. Is it required? No.

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Depneds on whose tradition you’re talking about…. many different cultures have many different traditions. A lot of different cultural traditions are practiced within the united states… and a lot of them consider the grooms parent’s gifting not only propper ettiquete but a cultural requirement.

I personally see no obligation but it is a very nice gesture. (to be fair in my culture being of mexican descent.. the bride’s parents pay for the wedding ceremony.. while the grooms parents take care of most of the reception).

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