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I have to have dental surgery and I panic?

Asked by Lothloriengaladriel (1550points) April 23rd, 2009 from iPhone

Sorry the question is stupid anyway here’s my situation:
So I have this tooth that has to be surgically removed and I have “panic disorder” and local anesthetic makes my heart rate go insane which causes like a super panic attack? Where I feel like I’m going to pass out or die.. Is there anything I can do to prepare for this? Or anything special I can ask for? Should I talk to my dentist about my little problem? Even the thought of this makes me start to panic, I just don’t want to die ya know..

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This way to your dentist, asap.=====>

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Im on my phone I don’t see what you’re pointing too..can I have a real answer now

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You can ask to be generally sedated, but only certain dentists can do this. There is also nitrous, which will make you relaxed and giggly (it ain’t called hippie crack for nothing).

Do you take medication for your disorder? Maybe you should medicate yourself before you go in.

Definitely tell your dentist. She or he will want to know if you might freak out on them while they are holding surgical instruments. If you are really this tense, it isn’t safe for any of the participants.

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By all means tell your dentist. He or she may have a solution for you, but will certainly need to know that procedures that work well on most people do not have the same effect on you.

My daughter swears by nitrous oxide, BTW, and had all four wisdom teeth out while under its effects.

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I have a friend who reacts very badly to anaesthesia—heart racing, etc.—and so she always asks her dentist to administer “no-eppy”—anasethesia not containing epinephrine, which apparently is what causes those effects. You might ask about that while you’re discussing alternatives.

In any case you should definitely talk to your dentist, and don’t try to medicate yourself for the procedure without consulting him or her.

I am no lover of oral surgery, but I can usually coax myself through the preliminaries by reminding myself how grateful I am that these procedures and solutions exist. They’re better than the alternative. I actually love my dentist, who is a genius with stuff like that, and honestly hope I don’t outlive him.

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Tell your dentist. I panic in the dentist chair too and often times the dentist will prescribe a mild medication to relax me (5mg Valium). Just make sure you have someone to drive you home.

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Please tell the dentist ahead of time. You are not the first person in the world to have this issue.
The dentist can arrange for an IV that will calm and relax you quicker than the purring of a kitty on your lap. Try to count down from 100 99 98 9…zzzz. Wonderful.

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Call them. Say, “I am terrified to have this done.” Then see what they say. If they try to comfort you it isn’t good enough and you need to find a dental office that gives you a pill beforehand. They’re out there, and lots of them. There are dentists who will give you an IV relaxant, too. Not cheap I’m sure.

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