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Does it feel like Spring where you are yet?

Asked by ohmyword (608points) April 23rd, 2009

I feel like we skipped straight from winter to summer. I thought April showers brought May flowers?!?! :(

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It’s been on and off.

It’s gone from being in the 70’s and sunny to being in the 40’s and rainy.

It’s supposed to be getting near 80 (and sunny) on friday, so we can definitely tell it’s on the way.

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It was 100∘on Monday, and it’s supposed to be in the high 60s tomorrow. I’d say it’s an atypical spring in Los Angeles.

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There was a blizzard last weekend. Today is 80, this weekend should be in the 50’s…. yup, springtime. :)

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@boots we have the same weather :)

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@elijahsuicide You must be cool then. Wheres you at?

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Buffalo NY

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I hate nj weather. One day its bright sunny and 75 the next theres a giant hail storm. I really dont even know what fucking season im in anymore….

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@elijahsuicide I’m on the other side of Erie.

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Finally! It is finally beginning to feel like spring here, not a moment too soon!

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Well I quit wearing my bra yesterday. Sounds like spring to me.

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We had snow two weeks ago and a thunderstorm this evening (with no power for two hours). So yes, it feels like spring!

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Actually we are just about past spring and into summer since it is getting up into the 90’s every day now, but there still hasn’t been any rain.

No wildflowers either.

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It’s been quite brisk in NY, but apparently it’s going up this weekend.

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@fundevogel That sounds like a sign of spring to me. I hate bras!

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It was 90+ for 2 days this week in an area that rarely sees 90 degree weather.

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Right? It’s 40 one day and 80 the next

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@SeventhSense yes! its horrible.

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nice weekend in the Tri state though 80’s and sunny

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Seems to be quite a few of us in the northeast. Yay!

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YAY! hopefully it stays nice for a bit longer than just the weekend this time :P

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I’m in western MD, where we’re expecting mid 90s this weekend feh! too hot too soon I say…

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Tomorrow it is suppossed to be 86 degrees!!! I am gleeful!!! :-)

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Yes it’s been like 85 all week, it’s quite nice(:

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Tomorrow it wil be in the 80’s…followed by 5–6 days of rain and “normal temps (back to the high 50’s/low 60’s). Sounds, smells & feels like spring in Wisconsin.

Soon it’ll be summer——the orange cones of construction are up everywhere all ready for it!

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@SpatzieLover After reading your first sentence, I assumed you must live near me. I’m in central Illinois, expecting the same weather. Though I’d prefer to be in Wisconsin. I love if there!

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In Kansas it went from winter (last week was cold!) and today was way over 80…we don’t get spring anymore…just from winter right back in to summer

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Yeah, we had a mini heat-wave a couple days ago. That was awesome. Since then the temperatures have been mostly moderate and it’s been very sunny.

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It’s been in the 70’s for most of the week. 80’s yesterday & today. It was heaven to open the windows on the doors & let fresh air in. Chance of rain for tomorrow. Seems like it always has to clabber up for the weekends. I’m in Iowa

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I knew you were a corn fed squirrel

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my weather is like @uberbatman because we live across the river from each other. It was like in the 70s, then the 40s, then the 80s, then a lot of thunderstorms…and apparently it’s nice today. I’m wary.

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Which river would that be?

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@SeventhSense You got it! That’s what puts the ‘rustle’ in my tail. ’-)

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@SeventhSense the delaware river, i’m in PA.

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It’s a beautiful day in NY and it’s going to be an outstanding weekend. I’m going outside to enjoy it. :)

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Well in Seattle you never know what season you are in. It was in the 70s last week and then dropped to the mid 50s with rain. Now it is sunny, but it was raining this morning. We are definitely not skipping our rainy spring season though.

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We’re well into spring here. Plenty of allergens floating around. :-(

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It felt like Spring here in Phoenix, Arizona for all of about 2 weeks until the temperatures got above 85 degrees and stayed there for too long. It’s like an extended, irritating lead-in for Summer.

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Our spring seems to hae been a false alarm, it is cold and wet outside!

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Its like the middle of summer now – _ – i hate NJ weather.

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It’s been around 90 with no breeze for the past 4 days… my least favorite weather. HOT!

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The orioles came into town two days ago here…HOORAY! It’s raining today and tomorrow, so it must be Spring :)

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nope its summer right now and it’s freaking hot!!!

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