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Can you describe for me in easy, non-techie language how to make or post a link?

Asked by jca (36054points) April 24th, 2009

i googled it but it’s confusing. i am sure it’s easy but it did not seem so. i want to send photos from websites to people and also sometimes i cite articles on Fluther that it would be nicer to post links to.

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Post a link where?

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if i’m sending someone email and i want to show them a photo on a website, how do i post the link?

and/or if i’m talking about an article to Fluther, and i want to show people the actual article, how do i make a link so they can click on it and read the actual article?

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Copy the URL in the address bar at the top of your browser. The URL for this page, for example is:

The software that they use to read their email will allow them to click on that URL and be directed to that website. All you need to do is paste that into the email, and you’re good to go.

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Posting links is different depending on what site you are putting it onto.

All of them start by copying the URL. This is the line of text that starts with http:// that is found in the address bar at the top of your page.

In some places, Fluther included, if you simply paste the URL it will be transformed into a clickable link.

If you want to wrap your words with a link like I just did there, you have to enclose the words you want in quote marks (”), then put a colon (:) then paste the URL. This is explained in the line of text right below this comment box I am typing in.

There are other ways of inserting links, such as UBB code (seen on bulletin boards) and HTML (seen all sorts of places). I won’t bog your brain down with those methods, but if you google “ubb insert link” or “html create link” you can find instructions for creating them.

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Also, if it’s an url that you think is too long, you can use or the spedr add on for firefox.

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dynamicduo: how do you “paste the URL?”

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1.Right click on a blank part of the page to link to web page
or on photo to link to photo,
2. Scroll down to properties and left click/
3. When box opens copy address(url)by left clicking and highlighting make sure you highlight the entire address
4. Right click copy/go back to fluther/right click paste

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You can practice here

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Here is the paste

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Copy and paste are functions in your operating system. If you use Windows, you can copy text by highlighting it and pressing (and holding) the control key then pressing ‘c’. Then, you can paste the text by holding control and pressing ‘v’. If you use a Mac, I believe you press and hold the option key instead of control.

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1. Open up the email
2. Find the bar at the top of the page. This is the page you want to send to someone, not your email page. It is white. And in it will have a web address.
It’ll start with http://
((you can have two pages open at once by left-clicking on “File” then “New Page”))
3. Hold the left mouse button down and highlight the web address.
4. Right click on the highlighted portion (must click on highlight and not outside of it).
5. Left click where it says copy
6. Left click inside your email where you write the email message.
7. Right click
8. Left click where it says paste


Hope this helped. Feel free to ask questions. :)
This can be so confusing at first :)

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you have all been so very helpful and crystal-clear. i am rewarding you all with good answers. thanks!

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