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What are your thoughts on this photo arrangement?

Asked by Jude (32120points) April 24th, 2009

This comes from a previous question that I asked.

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Do you have any other suggestions as to how I should hang these three prints?

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its good but i would move the picture on the side up a little bit so maybe the middle of it was between the two others.

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It does look better that way. Thanks!

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I would prefer the one on the right to be on the left. That way there is more circulation in the directions that lines point to. Otherwise, that pic that is on the right side kicks my attention outside of the art area, and I don’t like that.

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Ok, now that I’ve given this some more thought (from the last question), I agree w/ tigran. The piece on the right would look better on the left. All the angles in the photos would then relate to each other in a more cohesive way.

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