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What type of cable packages are there?

Asked by johnny0313x (1845points) April 24th, 2009

I am looking to get cable for my new APT I barely watch TV, I mean maybe 3–4 hours a week so I may not even get it. However Im looking around and I see it’s like atleast $45 a month. I don’t need 250 channels or anything, Id be happy with the basic like 10–20 channels or whatever it is. I dont know anything about cable can someone explain to me what to look for. Is what I am seeking just like the Rabit ears set up? Im not looking to be that cheap about it but I don’t need anything fancy. Thank you!

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Cable service starts at about that price. Most companies aren’t going to offer much below that entry rate. Check out what kind of package deals you can get from one group and then go to another provider and say “x made me this offer” and most times they will beat that deal. Don’t be afraid to negotiate. There deals to be had.

If you want to spend less than 20 per month, you might look into which is free.

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It depends on which company serves your area. Different companies have different services, but there is usually just a basic service that is the cheapest on, with fewer channels than the rest.

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