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Is there anyone else who thinks that Fallout 3 was a rubbish game?

Asked by ragingloli (43803points) April 24th, 2009

I mean, seriously, the so called plot was rubbish, too short, to lame.
The gameplay was rubbish. Monotonous and boring running around shooting everything that moves for hours, constantly annoyed by that pesky vats bullet time. then there is boring and uninspired voice acting, a microscopic selection of weapons which look all crap as well.
The technical executon was rubbish. The graphics sucked, substandard texture resolution, substandard effects, substandard animations, substandard and repetitive sounds and all of that with over the top hardware requirements. and people complain about crysis’ requirements.
So to summarise, Fallout 3 is one of the worst and most overhyped games ever made.

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It’s complete and utter garbage. I even bought the collectors box with the bobble head. So disappointing.

Storyline: Garbage
Physics: Garbage
Graphics: Garbage
Menus: Garbage
Mechanics: MEGAgarbage


but oh the TV ads looked so great :(

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To each their own? Though I fail to see how it is even close to one of the worst or overhyped games ever. It has it’s short comings, definitely(like most games tend to do), but come on, really?

Clearly someone is showing they aren’t old enough to remember Daikatana.

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it’s good that people like different things

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I disagree on pretty much every aspect. I loved the game. I do agree that the third person view animation of your character was horrible though.

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I’m sorry, I can see the appeal of the product they marketed, but the actual game certainly didn’t live up at all.

The style looked so promising, the artwork is great, but c’mon.

I mean I admit being biased as I play HALO with a vengeance, but this thing was really a complete and total waste of money.


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@TaoSan you do know it’s not a FPS?

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I completely and totally disagree. Completely.

Was it overhyped? Possibly. The ending of the story was disappointing. But there were so many moments in the game where my mouth dropped open that they more than make up for it.

It was the best game of 2008.

Lurve for Daikatana!!!

<flamewar> @TaoSan: Really? You’re going to say that Halo 3 has a better story? Really? C’mon. Oh, wait, sorry, you just got teabagged by a 12 year old. </flamewar>

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@TaoSan: Okay, wait a minute… you’re complaining about the shortcomings of Fallout 3 (especially the storyline and graphics), and you play “HALO with a vengeance”? HALO was one of the most boring games I have ever played in my life (Oh, awesome, I’m in another gray hallway! Cool! ~). The two main characters (Master Chief and the Arbiter) and boring and might as well be lifeless. The “epic moments” flopped hard, feeling more goofy and ridiculous than anything else. Not to mention the fact that the entire series is drastically over hyped and had little to no change in feel or gameplay over its course.

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@andrew crysis warhead was lightyears better than fallout 3, and that was only an expansion.

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of course. I still think the mechanics are a big turn-off

</flamewar>@andrew Oh gawd its so on! You’re telling me an in-game birthday party with BBGun and rat shooting is more story than rescuing Cortana??? I sense someone has gotten teabagged too often. Don’t cry it’s not a shame to get pwned n00bzor!<flamewar>

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@ragingloli: I don’t think anyone is trying to say that Fallout 3 is the “omgbestestgameeverlol.” There are bound to be games that are “better” and “worse” than it is, depending on who you ask. That does not, however, make it one of the worst game in existence. It certainly isn’t one of my favorite games, but I have, over the course of my fat ass, couch potato life played many, many games that are far worse than Fallout 3.

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Did either of you that dislike Fallout 3 play the original Fallout games? They were isometric view turn-based role-playing games. Fallout 3 is not meant to be Halo. It is a role-playing game first. If you had the expectation of it being Halo going into it then I can see where you would be disappointed, but that is not what they were going for at all. They stayed faithful to the first two games, and in that aspect it is a great success in my opinion.

I also really disliked all of the Halo games I have played for multiple reasons.

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Grey hallways? You must have the India version LOL

Real men don’t need their heros to decide between tootsie rolls and candy bars :)

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@StellarAirman i indeed did. bethesda have ruined a great franchise.

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To all of you haters: Let me say that my prime classifiers of the worth of a video game are a cogent narrative, interesting moments, and some novel mechanics.

Therefore: Portal is the only perfect game. Halflife is a close second.

Now, tao, I can understand that if you’re looking for a fast-paced FPS, you’ll be disappointed in Fallout—since it’s an RPG. Of course, if I were going to play a fast-paced FPS that were actually worth anything, I’d play GoW2 some more. BURN!

<flamewar>Also, talk to me once you’ve played the Bungie guys. They’ll teach you something about getting pwned. Trust me, I know.</flamewar>

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been there, done that, can’t even flame back haha. Dang 50 skillers LOL

Prop on HalfLife tho, epic game

</flamewar> GoW = who finds better cover game, real men shoot, n00bzors cower<flamewar>

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@TaoSan: Did you even play the original HALO? The entire game might as well have taken place in one, long, giant gray hallway. Okay, maybe that’s a stretch, but a huge chunk of the middle of the game was basically spent going through various complexes with the exact same layout and design. HALO 2, though it was mixed up a bit, wasn’t that much better.

I didn’t even both with HALO 3, considering how boring the first two were. Maybe there are some drastic, mind blowing changes that would force me to change my mind, but I’ve heard so many people complain about it that I have a feeling that’s not the case. I’ve been told it’s only saving grace is multiplayer, and even that, as my friend… we’ll call him Ted – Even that, as Ted says isn’t all that great, since it seems to be populated, as his tales would suggest, by hordes of frat boys who do nothing but drunkenly bellow into their microphones about either 1.) owning your ass or 2.) how much of a cheating shit you are when you kill them.

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Well at least we can see that you two are in the minority which of course means that you are completely wrong and your opinions are invalid. ;)

Also, GoW2 isn’t technically a first-person shooter.

Portal is indeed one of the greatest games ever. That and Half-Life 1 & 2 + episodes are probably in my top 5 games ever. With the other spots being filled by Fallout 3 of course. :P

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HALO3 is an ENTIRELY different story. You won’t find any more beautiful in-game environments ANYWHERE. HALO3 is E P I C
I agree HALO2 is pretty repetitive in the middle, and I wasn’t that taken by it.

<flame-on> Dun be hatin y’uallz jus’ becuz ya have slow thumbs<flame off>

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@TaoSan i assume you haven’t played crysis then.

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Of course according to the critics Pitch Black was the best SciFi ever LOL

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If I can’t play it online and teabag n00bzors I’m not interested :D

Fun aside tho, I actually haven’t. And I’m looking at screenies right now, looks interesting.

Sorry for double quipping

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it does have a multiplayer mode. its called crysis wars, which is quite complex, some say even more than battlefield 2. it also has a standard team deathmatch.

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It looks pretty. That doesn’t really do it for me tho. I’m devout and loyal. John-117 ;)

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@TaoSan it doesn’t just look pretty, but the gameplay is also phenomenal. the main gameplay mechanic is the nano suit, which has four basic modes; strength, armour, stealth and speed.
strength mode gives you superhuman strength. you can jump higher , beat enemies and the environment to a pulp and you can grab them and throw them around.
armour is your basic protection against bullets you find in anygame, that is also the one that is active by default.
stealth makes you invisible for a short time, so you can sneak up behind enemies for the kill, just bypass them, or recon the area without being detected. it’s like being the predator.
speed lets you run fast and jump far, so you can retreat quickly or flank enemies more easily.
then there is the environment. you have this lush dense jungle, ideal to hide inside and to flank enemies. the environment is destructable as well. cut down a tree with your rifle and the falling tree kills an enemy. or throw in grenade inside a shack, which then collapses and kills those who are inside. set an oil barrel on fire, grab it and throw it on an enemy jeep or boat and boom, dead. or grab a turtle and throw with it.

the game also has vehicles that you can use to roam the countryside, and apart from the vtol section near the end, never forces you to use them. you can always jump out and go through the bushes.

the environment is also very open. the path to your objective is your own choice. how you get there is your own choice. how you handle the enemies is your own choice. kill them all, or just leave them be and sneak past. how you kill them is up to you. want to be rambo? do it. you rather like playing ninja? no problem.
crysis is one of the few sandbox games that really work and the replay value is very high. i played the game multiple times to try out new things.

you can even modify your weapons to suit your style. silencers, scopes, LAMs, diferent kinds of ammo and flashlights.

the plot is a nice and simple sci fi story. better than “Predator”.

the technical side is equally impressive. graphics that have no match even today, animations and effects are top notch, sounds are realistic and the musical score is professional.

people have critisised the steep hardware requirements, but i say, consider this: thousands of high poly objects, most of them the vegetation being rendered simultaneously. the plantlife swings in the wind. water with real refraction, 3 dimensional waves, volumetric light (you can see the sun rays through the leaves),volumetric clouds, dynamic soft shadows, ambient occlusion and more.
considering what the engine is putting on the screen, it is a miracle the game runs at all. even more considering that it runs smoothly, even on my system that isn’t the best there is. no other engine would be capable of doing that without slowing to a crawl.

i am sounding a bit enthusiastic here, but the game really is that good. compared to this, fallout 3 is a smelly turd.

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One of the top 5 games ive played.

Fallout 3 was amazing, still playing it. To say you just run around shooting things time after time, thats all FPS games. Then to compare it to Halo 3 and say that Fallouts plot sucks? LOL.

Halo 3 is one of the worst FPS fanboy driven games ive ever played. Ive put way more hours into Fallout 3 then i ever will into Halo.

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Well, Beth made some errors with F3 in my opinion, as a true follower of the first 2 games I have to admit that much, but I nevertheless found it very entertaining and deserving of a lot of the praise it got.

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You got me, I’ll buy it


Mention HALO3 and the word fanboi in the same sentence is a symptom of STLKS (Slow Thumb Little Skill Syndrome).

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@TaoSan Lol yeah thats exactly what it is figuring my main game rotation is FPS games. Yup my slow thumbs and lack of Jump Back, Shoot, Grenade.

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@TaoSan Oh yes, because I’m sure button mashing a shooter takes a ton of “skill.”

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yes it does. There is no taking cover, there are no cheats. See and react faster or die.

Relax guys, it’s just a game.

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Not agreeing that it takes a lot of skill, while an RPG demands skill in mental and emotional fields, a shoter favors reaction time, coordination, and often an oversized ego.
These games, while sharing some elements are not at all the same, they have different thing they focus on.
For my self I prefeer beeing challenged in a way that stimulates my mental and emotional capacities, rather than my trigger finger.

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I enjoy both styles of play at different times, but still don’t like Halo.

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I can see how HALO can be frustrating :)

Oh, and by the way, in the first 24hrs after sales opened, HALO3 generated 170 Million Dollars, at that date the absolute record for any entertainment product.

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Lol i love how sales record = great game.

Told you, Halo fan boys ruin it.

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Yeah sure, all these millions of people are all fanbois because they play something you don’t like….


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Halo is a god game in its own way, and it had a lot of hype, therefore the sales are high…
But I see no point in disliking f3 because it wil not conform to your standards…

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I’m not disliking it because it’s not my type of game, but because it is not well-crafted.

See my initial post, particularly the physics are not up to par.

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Have you seen things when you use VATS? Or bodies flying when hit with a Fat Man.

Those are crappy physics?

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