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What's the first font that enters your mind when I say: "font"?

Asked by klaas4 (2181points) December 8th, 2007
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Times New Roman

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TImes New Roman (again)

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Monaco (Apple classic anyone?)

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Church. But clearly you’re talking different types of font!

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Cooper Black

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Arial (does that say something about my personality or something? :P)

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times new roman

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times new roman (size 12)

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“ils font, again probably not what you are asking about. They do, make, take, etc in French.

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comic sans serif.

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helvetica – but that’s probably because I have the DVD from NetFlix waiting to be watched!

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Erik Spiekermann

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I feel like Times New Roman is the fontiest font if we’re talking serif, and Arial for sans sarif.

(My personal favorite, however, has always been Palatino.)

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times new roman

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though my favorite is garamond

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palatino rules

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Helvetica, with Gill Sans a close second.

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Though being from Birmingham UK, I guess I should be promoting Baskerville.

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12point times new roman because I have to use it at school but I like old English the best

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Papyrus: because I work with designers and they hate how overused it is.

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