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Why no lurve for great questions?

Asked by lukiarobecheck (1526points) April 24th, 2009 from iPhone

I have been noticing some really great questions lately, with a lot of discussion. However, most of the time there is no lurve for a great question. What gives?

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Maybe that opinion wasn’t shared.

I’m here frequently but there’s so much coming through sometimes that something is going to be missed. A lot of times I only have time to read the most recent input.

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That’s always been a bit of a problem, and it’s been discussed before. Basically, people forget. Personally, when I see a stimulating question I dive right into the answer, and may or may not remember to GQ afterwards. I find that I’m more likely to GQ a great question if I don’t answer it than if I do. But I’m working on it.

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I think some of the best discussions captivate their audiences so, that they forget about giving lurve. Isn’t that the story of life… hmmm…

Are you just trying to get more points, @lukiarobecheck ? hahaha… jk.

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@ubersiren: Originally, I was not even thinking about my own lurve points. But once I hit send, I saw it as a possible lame attempt for a little lurve. ;-)

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i think the asker should get a point for every answer he receives.

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@ragingloli: Novel idea good Sir.

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Hmmm, good question.

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@ragingloli : I don’t like that idea because that puts false value on questions. We’d get nothing but sex questions and atheist debate…. I mean, even more than usual. The goal is to network so we can be involved in thoughtful discussion and get real answers to real questions, not to be the most popular. That would only put the spotlight on Paris Hilton and take it away from Stephen Hawking… if that makes any sense.

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I think we just don’t think about giving it… we’ve talked about this before. I’ll make more of an effort.

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I try to give a lot of GA’s, when I see them. I usually forget about te GQ’s :(

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@ragingloli I think so too, but the problem with that is an answer like “GA” from another user would count as much as a real answer.

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then maybe based on the amount of “great answers”

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I don’t think the GQ score should have any relationship to the answers posted. It is rare for all the answers posted to be direct responses to a question; there is more apt to be give and take among the responders. I don’t want lurve I give to go automatically to any post but the post I give it to.

What we might consider doing is raising the value of a GQ to, say, 6 because Qs are the drivers around here and because apparently one GQ awarded can stand for several not awarded. But in the end it seems to be moot because the giver will max out on giving to the recipient. I often get only 5 or 10 out of 100 lurve points marked for me because the givers have already maxed out. When you think of it one way, that is really nice and a great compliment!

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