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How would you react if you picked up your to-go order from a restaurant only to find the word "fuck" written on the inside of one of the lids?

Asked by essieness (7693points) April 24th, 2009

Someone at my restaurant jokingly wrote the word “fuck” inside a lid for a to-go “squat cup” (a little bowl) and unfortunately the lid made it into a customer’s bag and on to his hotel room. Personally, I think it’s unprofessional, yet hilarious. The guy was pissed and called the restaurant ranting and raving. The managers had all the employees write the word “fuck” to compare with the lid (equally hilarious), but still haven’t found the offender.

So, if you were the customer, would you laugh or be offended and raise hell?

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If I was the customer I would complain because you’re gonna get some free food out if it otherthan that I wouldn’t care.

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@Lightlyseared Yeah, he got a $45 comp for the next time he eats there… mission accomplished I guess.

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i’d really question the contents of the special sauce.

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I’d worry that a restaurant worker who was so unprofessional as to do that would probably be unprofessional about other aspects of food handling, and I doubt I’d order from that restaurant again.

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I’d wonder if the customer wrote it himself. The manager should ask him to write it out so they can compare it.

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@eponymoushipster Thats was exactly what I was going to say.

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If I was the customer, I wouldn’t be happy in the least. It certainly shows unprofessionalism & lack of respect for the public. If it’s an employee that did it, he/she should be fired, in my opinion.

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I would take it back, complain to the manager, and probably never eat there again. I agree with @jbfletcherfan

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I think it depends on whether I suspected it could have been meant for me. It’s certainly unprofessional, certainly not funny, and certainly something you can sue against. But if I was sure it was an accident, I’d just let it slip. Depending on my familiarity with the employees, I might tease them about it (if it’s like my local pizza place and I know everyone there).

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I don’t actually see whats so funny about it. I’d be worried about what else they did to my food.

But, the fact that he made you all write “fuck” out, is pretty funny. I’d assume the offender would know exactly how he wrote the word, so he could change his writing…lol

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i would think it’s super funny. obviously, whoever wrote it didn’t mean it directly at me. it’s just a joke. the folks working there have to entertain themselves somehow.

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If it happened to a friend I’d think it was funny. (how horrible does that sound?) But if it happened to me I would probably be upset. Not because of the curse word but I’d wonder why it was written there and if the food itself was safe to eat. I would call in.

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@RedPowerLady I’m glad I’m not your friend. j/k

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@chyna i know i’m horrible…

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@RedPowerLady not horrible…just honest. Honest is never horrible.

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I wouldn’t find it funny at all. I would definitely not eat that food. Or go to that place again. If someone will write curse words on your cups, what’s stopping them from things like spitting in your food. I also think whoever did it is a jackass and too immature to to realize his actions reflect back on the whole establishment.

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@jbfletcherfan thanx, i’m not really horrible either, we just have an odd sense of humor, lol

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Definitely laugh, dunno if I’d eat it tho, lol.

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@RedPowerLady oh, I like odd senses of humor. Straight humor’s no fun now, is it???

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@jbfletcherfan It certainly isn’t. Haha

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Back when I had frivolous money to spend, I’d probably just laugh my ass off and throw the container out, uneaten. These days, I get pissed because I’m on a really tight food budget and would feel forced to toss the food…. I loathe to waste food these days.

Echoing @cwilbur in “so unprofessional as to do that would probably be unprofessional about other aspects of food handling” ei. spitting in or otherwise befouling the food.

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I would go back to the place in the middle of the night and burn it to the ground.

i believe you have my stapler

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@Blondesjon A little over reaction? :)

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@chyna….Ok I would burn it to a gutted shell.

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Writing “fuck” on the lid of a container in no way suggests to me that there’s saliva in my food. I’d laugh and wonder what the story behind it was.

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@nikipedia Thank you. I do not see any connection to writing fuck and contaminating someone’s food. People who spit in your food do not really want to draw attention to themselves.

laugh, laugh, laugh I’d think it was some kid who hated his job and just wanted to be rebellious.

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I would almost certainly say “What the hell?”

There is probably a 50–50 chance I would call the restaurant. If it was McD’s to-go, probably not, but if it was, say, part of a $60 take-out order from a nice place, I probably would.

I would not be angry and shout. I would say that someone who works there has shown contempt and disrespect both for the customer and for the restaurant, and that I thought they ought to know.

If they offered me a voucher for free food, I’d say, “I’m sorry, but I don’t care to have it. I won’t be coming back.”

I don’t see that this is funny. I think it’s poor and childish behavior on the part of the restaurant employee. The restaurant’s attempt to find the culprit is futile and pathetic, and it does not make me laugh. I feel sorry for the restaurant, which is more of a victim here than the customer.

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I would laugh. Theres a lot worse things going on in the world then do worry about somebody trying to have fun to make the day go by. People need to loosen up a bit.

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I would probably laugh… not eat it… and complain (due to the wasted money).

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It’s not a big deal.

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