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Please describe the day on which the most frustrating sequence of events inconvenienced you to the greatest degree.

Asked by girlofscience (7567points) April 24th, 2009

I am so glad to finally be home. That was effing horrible.

Please share the experiences of days on which things just weren’t going your way. I am not talking about anything drastic, life-threatening, or life-changing here. Just series of events that frustrated and inconvenienced you to the most extreme degree on a single day.

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Pretty much everything in your topics, I accidentally canceled my check card, got lost for four hours in my car alone with no cell phone, got in a fight with pretty much every friend over really stupid things and found out my mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer all in the three days leading up to my 22nd birthday. So I ended up pretty much on my own for that one, and my car needed serious repairs on top of it, I basically saw one friend on my birthday.

I’d say my 22nd birthday was the most frustrating, helpless and horrible day.

Fucking fantastic.

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@asmonet: Absolutely horrible. I’m so sorry you experienced that.

I was just thinking – when you combine what we both did (accidentally cancel our check cards + get unbelievably lost), I’m shocked that neither one of us ran of gas. Because like, that would have been so appropriate to happen.

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@asmonet how do you accidently cancel a card? and that does sound like an awful day :( i’m sorry

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@girlofscience: Thanks. Hopefully, 23 will be bangin’ and I can forget this mess. :)

And yeah, I was running on empty about a mile from my house and finally had to get gas, I would have sooner but I was paranoid with the day I was having that I’d stop for gas and forget which way to go on the main road again and have to start over. :P

@casheroo: I thought I’d lost it, I put on my jeans and reached in my back pocket for my card at a Taco Bell drive-thru and discovered it wasn’t in my pocket. Where I knew it was. WTF. So I canceled it thinking it had slipped out or was stolen, then I got back in my car (we switched cars with my friend because she had more gas) an hour later I get back in my car and see it poking out of the back pocket of my identical pair of pantalones in my passenger seat. Fuck my life. :)

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This is pretty minor compared to @asmonet…‘s
But, before I got married I was determined to have the cutest little outfit for our son..I just had to have Chuck Taylor’s. So, I got a pair and turned out he didn’t fit into them. I went to three different malls, with a one year old…trying to find those damn shoes in his size. And then I find a place that has them, at Journey’s Kidz and they tell me I can’t exchange them there. I had to go to a regular Journey’s and tell the manager that no one would help me at the Kidz store (i had waited there over an hour to talk to a manager…who was at the store next door just chatting away) I was furious and practically crying.
This sounds so minor now, but at the time it was a huge deal Thankfully those days only happen once in a blue moon and can be forgotten easily.

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@asmonet I lose my debit card about 10 times a year, and I just call and get a new one…and usually find my old one. It’s never really affected me i can just take my husbands though

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Mine takes ten days to replace, because they suck. So I was out for like a week and with – no shit – $19.98 in my account, after bank hours and with no ATM that can hear me plead my case.

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oh my god, what bank do you have? we have commerce/td bank…they’re pretty awesome.

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@casheroo: You know what is so weird… When I lived in Philly and had Commerce, I lost my debit card 10 times a year as well! It didn’t matter because I could get a new one so easily. Commerce was the best.

But they don’t have Commerce in NC, so I had to get a different bank, and you can’t get new cards at the branches… And they take 3 weeks to come in the mail. So I have been here a year, and because I no longer have that luxury, I have been super careful with my card, and have not lost it once!

And as for using your partner’s (and because you were interested in how you could accidentally cancel a card)...

Tonight, I was using Jim’s, and I was so frazzled from ALL OF THE OTHER HORRIBLE EVENTS that had just occurred, that I wasn’t thinking when I swiped it, and I entered my PIN rather than his. The people thought I was using a stolen credit card because it was a male name AND I entered the wrong PIN, so they immediately called someone and had it deactivated. I had to call Jim to have him call the bank to get it reactivated, lol.

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^That blows.

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Hubby got called out of town, and couldn’t take Sonny on the birthday island cruise/camping trip that was paid for and planned months in advance. I had to go instead, and I got dreadfully seasick the entire morning it took to get there, and we arrived just in time for lunch (ugh). There are no services on the island, so we had to pack in everything. As soon as the tiny tent we brought was put up (in a very strong wind), I crawled in and stayed there until it was time to leave, except for a few miserable trips to visit the sanitary facility. Sonny and the rest of the group had a great weekend. I had to take a motel room when we returned to land, because I was in no shape to drive home.

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@girlofscience that is ridiculous! I can’t imagine waiting that long for a new debit card. I’m spoiled by Commerce. And I can’t believe they deactivated from entering the PIN wrong just once, I do that all the time because I don’t share the same PIN as DH. Just tell them you’re married and don’t share the same last name. I haven’t changed my last name with everything, but I still can tell people I’m married…it worked before I legally changed my name.

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I once got ticketed, towed and into a car accident within a three hour span.
But it really wasn’t such a terrible day. I mean, it was a terrible day up until the accident.
Maybe that should have been the tipping point from terrible to horrible,
but that just made me laugh at it all. My bank account wasn’t laughing though.

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@casheroo: Ok, so I actually entered the PIN wrong twice. I was in such a frantic state from everything else that went wrong that I just assumed I had misentered my PIN and entered it again, haha. (Our cards look the same.) But yeah, Commerce really spoiled me. We tried to get the best bank here (SunTrust), but it definitely does not compare to Commerce.

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@Nimis Ugh, I’ve been towed as well. That’s the worst. We walked outside to my brand new car missing…we thought it had been stolen. We had to take a taxi, with an infant in a carseat, to one of the most ghetto areas in Philadelphia…and wait like an hour for him to come and give us our car. It was so scary. And expensive. :(

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@casheroo Getting towed sucks all on its own.
I can’t imagine going through it with an infant in tow. Oi!

@asmonet Already wishing you a better great 23rd birthday!

@girlofscience Oh, man. Nothing monumental, but I can feel the frustration and exhaustion just READING that. It seems like when shitty days gain momentum, things just add right on. Sorry your day sucked. It was nice of you to get the soup for your co-worker though.

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Now I am going to tell the story of my frustrating day:

So, I was at work in the lab, and everything was going fine. My coworker (who has been unbelievably sick for the past few days and hasn’t been able to come in at all) called me around 1:30 and said that he was feeling a little better and was considering coming in, but that he hadn’t eaten yet, and wanted to know if I wanted to meet for lunch before he came into the lab.

I met him for lunch, and he thought his bloodsugar was really low (he has diabetes), so he shot himself with a shitload of insulin before eating. About 10 minutes into the meal, he pushed his food away and put his head down on the table saying, “F. I am really effing sick.” He measured his bloodsugar, and it was 288, and it is not supposed to exceed 100, plus, he was super sick already. We waited like 5 minutes, but it was only getting worse, so he said I needed to take him home immediately and he might have to go to the hospital.

So I took him home in his car, and he went into the bathroom for awhile, and it was 2:30 at this point, and I had a subject scheduled to come to my lab at 3 to be in one of my experiments. So I IMed my boss from my coworker’s computer and explained what had happened, and my boss said he would handle the subject.

My coworker eventually felt better, so my boyfriend picked me up from his apartment, and I went home to get directions for the things I had to do in the evening. I have an art class at 11am tomorrow, so I had to go to an art supply store to get a few supplies, and my boyfriend asked me to get him a frozen pizza at the grocery store, and my coworker had asked me to bring him chicken noodle soup from Chick Fil A. So, I was planning to go to the art supply store, then the grocery store, then Chick Fil A, then my coworker’s apartment, and then back home.

So I got the directions to go to the art supply store, and it told me it was on this one street, rather than in the mall. So I was driving along the street and never saw the address, and then I was at a spot that FORCED me to go on a highway that did not have another exit for 11 miles. I got on the highway (because I had to), and then called the art supply place and asked if they were IN the mall. They said they were, so I took 25 minutes to get off and then back on the highway and then get to the mall to find the store. Finally, I got to the mall, and walked in the entrance that was on the complete opposite side of the art supply store, so I had to walk through the entire mall, and then I finally found it.

When I got there, the guy who owned the store asked me if I was the one who called earlier, and then he spent seriously 45 minutes talking to me about how I am the 6th person that has happened to and how he has been begging the mall to put up a sign with the address out on the road because he is losing business since so many people are using google maps to find him and then they completely miss it.

So I got my art supplies and got lost again on the way out of the mall because the exits and the highway are so confusing. So I was already gone for like 2 hours at this point, and I still had the chair that I had to paint with primer and let dry before my class tomorrow, and I had a bunch of other things to do.

Then, I got to the grocery store, and I got the frozen pizza for my boyfriend and went to pay for it and made the screw up that I mentioned in the above posts. I called him and explained what had happened, but at the time, I thought the card was only messed up on the grocery store’s system, so I went to Chick Fil A to get the soup for my coworker, and when I gave them the card, they were really confused because they said it was deactivated, not declined, so then I told them the whole story of what had happened at the grocery store and they felt bad for me so they gave me the soup anyway.

And then I brought it to my coworker and came home and painted my chair for tomorrow.

So, everything is ok now, but that was still really frustrating.

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@girlofscience I had to call Hubby over to read this, it sounds so similar to an experience he had a few years back.

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This is just a small annoying thing.

so I was working in the computer lab at school for close to 24 straight. Looming deadline and all that. And some time around 7 am (that’s towards the end of the marathon) I needed to halt for a bathroom break. So I pack up my hard drive coz you can’t just leave them around and head up to the ladies room.

Now what you need to know is, I’m pee-shy and I had to go #2. So the first thing I notice is that I’m not alone. At 7 am there is someone else here in this bathroom. Amazing. But I decide based on the complete lack of information at hand that she is wrapping up her business. At any minute she will be washing her hands and scooting off. And then I could get down to business. In the mean time I prepare the throne with one of those toilet napkin things. And I wait for her to leave.

But she doesn’t. And I remember that the floor of the stall she was in had had three bags sitting on the ground. What was she doing in there? I could hear a lot of moving around, not so much pissing. Was she changing her clothes? Was she (like myself) looking the worse for wear after I long night? Maybe she was one of the dance students changing into her duds. So I wait and finally she leaves the stall. Score! And then I realize she’s not washing her hands and she’s not going anywhere.

She’s still making noises in the bathroom. Putting on makeup or doing her hair or something. Not touch ups. At this point it was clear I had walking in on someone going through their morning ablutions in a public restroom. At this point I’m pretty annoyed, how dare this girl turn the public restroom into her personal powder room at the expense of my regular bms. I this point I got up and left. There is no good way to leave an occupied public restroom without having made a deposit. No one should know that much about the status of my intestines.

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Up until lunch, it was a fairly normal, good day. Then we had P.E., and for some unknown reason, some random boy decided to ask my limerent object (fancy, more adult version of a “crush”) out. They’d never met before. She agree. Then, someone decided it would be incredibly amusing to plagiarise my work in English AND I.C.T., and in both subjects I came out with detentions, something VERY rarely handed out by my English teacher. But I carried on, and we had Maths. I love maths. It’s the language of nature. The language the person next to me was using certainly was not. It was difficult to complete a single question without being affronted with swear words, racism, sexism, sexual connotations and flirting. I’m not against homosexuality. What I am against is people whom I obviously have no interest in trying to go out with me when it is a well known fact that as stereotypically camp I may act, I was in love with my limerent object. They didn’t take this well; at least, that’s what their fist said to my head. Yeah.

So, to summarise, a black eye, two detentions (amounting to one Sunday detention instead), another person who thinks I’m gay, and my limerent object taken away from me (it’s six months later. They’re still dating. They still don’t know a thing about each other. I disliked him before they started dating, then I resented him, now I hate him). Sounds like a fun day, no?

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