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Would you ever do stand up comedy?

Asked by Myndecho (948points) April 25th, 2009
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Probably not. I don’t think I’d be courageous enough to get up in front of the audience in the first place. Additionally, I would also be nervous about forgetting my material, not coming across as being funny enough, and not being able to improvise and use good timing in delivering my lines.

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I’d like to yeah I mean I’d worry I wasn’t funny cause too often I see people who ‘think’ their funny but really not so much. But stand up comedian would be a dream job of mine if I thought I could succeed

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I’d love to give it a go. Some amateur open mike night maybe.

I can often get my students to laugh – not sure if that would translate though.

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I’ve loved standup for as long as I can remember. It’s a true art form.

I would love to do it, but I can’t write well enough.

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Maybe… I mean, I would love to do it, and I’ve actually thought about it. I’ve written several routines and I’m constantly building on them. My fear of rejection holds me back. Plus I’m old, fat and matronly now, and I feel like I wouldn’t be taken seriously. I have a lot of reservations about being a woman comic, too… it seems like it’s harder to really get the laughs as a woman. I’m generalizing of course, there are absolutely hilarious women out there, but for some reason, I find that men are more accepted as comics. I guess what I’m saying is that I’m too lazy to fight that battle to actually pursue it.

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I would do the open mic thing. Crap happens to everyone. It’s just funnier when it happens to someone else.

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I’d love to. When I get on a roll, I make people laugh hard. Not sure how to get on the roll in the first place.

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I need a script.

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I have done stand up comedy. It wasn’t a career aspiration but something I tried out.
Public speaking isn’t an issue with me. Basically, you can’t worry about what people think of you. Once you start worrying about that, you’re done.

It’s fun, but it can be very difficult. You can’t just do it on the fly and improv and expect to have a good routine.

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I would like to. I’ve been told after a couple of glasses of pinot grigio that I can put on a show. There are actually classes that a local school has and at the end of the “term” there is a comedy night and all people in the class have to do a one or two minute routine. I have terrible stage fright and can’t speak in public, so that would kind of be a problem. Unless I could have those two glasses of wine first….

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You bet your ham sammich I would!

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I have always wished I could do stand up comedy, but I would probably be the only one laughing. Actually thinking back on it I did do a one minute joke in front of a random audience once for a “Business Leadership” class I went to when I was 22…. no laughs.

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I told a joke at the end my group training class a few weeks ago:

Why did the trainer get fired from the gym? Because he wasn’t working out.

Everyone laughed. Especially the trainer. But I wonder if it was mercy laughing just to get the hell out the door (it was a tough class).

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i would LOVE to.
i love to just make people laugh
i wouldnt really prepare a set either… i would just talk off the top of my head.
thats when im funniest.

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To do it successfully is much harder than it looks. Basically, the best comedians basically find the absurdity in the mundane parts of our lives where most of us don’t spend too much time looking. A good comic will find that thing which is patently ridiculous and hone the exact right way to communicate the innate absurdity to the audience in a way that all can understand. And not all ideas are hit, most are actually miss….most comedians spend years honing an act to determine which jokes and stories work and get a good reaction, customizing and tailoriing their quips over and over and over until they find a consistently good reception for a particular joke, and they do that with multiple jokes all the time, until eventually they have 45 minutes of material they can actually feel proud to deliver. So as a career, no way….you have to tell the same jokes over and over and over and over again, even once you’ve honed them, then you take that show on a 40 city tour and tell the same jokes, the same stories, with the same delivery and timing (because those are important elements of how the joke is imparted. And the problem is, if you’re not going to approach it as a career, and you were interested in doing a one off show, you have to realize that your show is going to bomb….you’re not just going to write a great routine and have it kill first time out…at best you will connect on one or two stories and get silence for the rest…at worst you’d be booed off stage and have rotten vegetables thrown at you.

In other words, it’s a lot harder than it looks. Bottom line, I came as close to it as I ever will. I had a speech class in college, I decided to make my speech funny. I slayed ‘em. The class was collectively in tears laughing…we had to call of the rest of the class so everyone (even the teacher) could compose themselves, as no one was paying any attention to the subsequent speakers. Later in the year I tried to do another funny speech, no one laughed. Even when they did laugh, I was actually embasrassed to be that much the center of attention.

So no, no I wouldn’t.

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