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Would you chip your child?

Asked by basp (4806points) April 25th, 2009 from iPhone

In conversation with co workers about chipping their pets, the question of chipping one’s child came up.
What do you think? Would you chip your child?

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Yeah, what does it mean to chip someone or something?

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i asked this question a few months ago. there’s one they sell on tv. i would chip her if the chip itself did not cause problems, like infection.

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you could probably see my question and responses if you search for gps.

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No way, never.
Those who give up freedom for security, deserve neither.
And anyways this device, makes the path to ID and control masses , just like Hitler had numbers to tattoo all the Jews,Poles,Gipsies,Etc

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This goes right up at the top of the list called “Shit that’s NEVER going to happen”

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No, that’s creepy.

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Nah. We are getting chipped all over the world, but putting that inside someone is even worse. I guess some parents feel more secure knowing that their kids has a chip. I don’t know why. It’s not a gps where you can check where they are, which would be even more horrific.

There are cell phone services now where you can check where your kids cell phone is at the moment. It’s still only by consent of both cell phone carriers, but I am sure there are parents out there who has no problem making sure of compliance of their children.

I am not sure why you would chip your children. I guess maybe it is because of the old “What if…?” question, which can make you do more or less anything in the name of making yourself feel better. “What if they are in a plane crash, eaten by cannibals, or killed and dismembered. Then I would know that the arm found in brazil is my sons.” Or “when they get kidnapped and raised by crazy people, I can identify them if found as adults.” The consequences of “What if…?” is easily defended by “It’s better to be sure than sorry”, and sooner or later privacy is a concept children will read about in philosophy.

Anyone see a good reason to chip kids?

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Oh, that kind of chip. No, I wouldn’t chip my children. If I had any children.

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I was thinking of tree chipper. I thought you meant would I stick my child in one if he/she were misbehaving. But to answer the real question, no I would not chip my child or my animal. It just seems too Big Brother to me.

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Ahhh, now I see.

No, absolutely not. As I think I said in @jca‘s thread, cautious is one thing, fearful of every other human is quite another.

The cell phone idea @oratio mentioned seems a better solution.

when I hear “chip” I immediately think “chocolate…”

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Like with gravy on toast?

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I would chip them in a heartbeat if I had the means to. I would feel better if I could find them anytime I wanted to. It’s a sad world when I can’t even let them out to play without having to watch them constantly. Some people say I’m too protective-I live in a nice, residential area in a smallish town, but I still worry because there are so many nuts in the world.

My kids are my responsibility until they are 18 years old, so they could have the chip removed if they wanted to. Until then, it’s my business where they are and what they are doing and if I wanted to find out this info from a microchip then it’s alright.

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Chip success is completely dependent on someone looking else finding the animal and looking for the chip. The chip won’t track the kid for you (or the kitty).

I’d rather keep my children where I can see/hear them while they’re little. They get more freedom when they’re old enough to know how to run away if someone asks them to get in the car and have some candy.

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my daughter is almost 2 and everyone says she’s gorgeous. god forbid if she ever got kidnapped and she did have a chip, that would be helpful to law enforcement to find her. she is not a teenager so i was not thinking of it in terms of following if she’‘s at the mall to long or something like that. i am thinking in terms of her survival if she ever fell into the wrong hands. when you hear these stores in the news about people who’s children are missing and they’re crying asking please return my baby to me at least if the kid had a chip they would know where to look.

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There can be some very legitimate reasons for chipping. If your child has a serious medical condition which emergency personnel must know about, a chip is much less intrusive than an ID bracelet, for example,

All of the “tracking” stuff is paranoid nonsense, the chips themselves do not emit any signal.

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Here’s a similar question from just a week or so back, it got a lot of comments.

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@jca These chips are not transmitters.

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You can do it now for $4 a month in Japan. It tracks the cell phone. The bill payer calls a number and for a nominal charge recieves a fax or email with the map location. What a service. It’s called “Imadoko Serviceā€ from NTT DoCoMo. Yikes!
“Happy 9th Birthday! Here’s a cell phone for you, Yuki. Enjoy!”

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…interesting question… given the need- yes… not given the need- no…

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No I wouldn’t want my parents to chip me that would probably better be left for animals. I would never chip my child if I had one

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