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What is the worst car crash you have ever been in?

Asked by lendwill (187points) April 25th, 2009
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we hit a light pole and totally trashed the car, thank God it was a big bad vintage Mercedes, in a regular car, we would have died for sure…

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A year and a half ago I was rear-ended by a big old Buick. I was at a dead stop and the guy behind me just didn’t see me. I was literally his brakes. My SUV had better than $7000.00 in damages, and I am recovering from surgery, as I type this, to alleviate the chronic neck pain and headaches that were a result of the accident. That accident messed things up but good for me. What’s ironic about it is that this accident was worse than being rear-ended by a semi in a Neon. The Neon was a total loss, but I suffered no physical injuries.

The funniest accident I was in was about 18 years ago. I was following too close and rear-ended a car as the driver slowed to make a right turn. As I got out to exchange information, I was surprised (and grateful) to realize I had hit a carload of nuns! They checked the damage, said it wasn’t worth the trouble and sent me on with their blessings!

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In a truck that flipped and rolled on Highway 1 in Big Sur. I was thrown unconscious through the windshield and woke up in a large puddle of water. Most people who flip and roll on that road don’t live to tell the tale, so I guess I consider myself ‘lucky’. Ask me if I’ve ever gone without a seatbelt since then…

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I had a Camaro and a 15 year old in a Dodge 4 wheell drive truck came around a blind corner and hit me head on. Totaled both vehicles. Cracked my nose. I was very lucky.

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My boyfriend at the time came to pick me up from work. It was 5 am, I was a bartender, I was drinking (that’s why I had him drive me there and pick me up) and I fell asleep in the car. I woke up to screeching tires, the car was spinning, the worst noises of scraping and crunching metal. He had dozed off. We were traveling at approximately 55mph when he veered to the right. My side of the car smashed into a guardrail and pole. The windows shattered, all four tires blew out. The car had spun around and went into a ditch. It was bent sideways. I had glass all over me, in my eyes and hair. Some lady ran out of her house and wrapped a blanket around me, i guess i was freaking out. The ambulance came but I refused to go to the hospital. It was scary but it could have been so much worse. We both were ok and no one else was on the road.

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I’ve never personally been in a car crash that caused more damage than a barely noticeable ding.

The worst car crash I’ve seen involved a semi and a mid-size sedan. There were three people in the sedan. The people in the front were horribly crushed; one was dead when we (fire dept.) arrived and the other died on the way to the hospital. The person in the back was also dead when we got there; she was not in one piece.

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In 1994 my wife (then girlfriend) and I were driving home from Maine. Four blocks from her house a car with no headlights on ran a stop sign and plowed into the drivers side of my two-week-old Honda Civic.

Turned out to be this young kid with a car full girls. All wasted.

He was going about 55 – we were doing about 20. It was a side street. Totaled my car.

My wife messed up her knee and I’ve had chronic back pain ever since.

The kid, and a couple of the girls, had the nerve to come over to my car and yell at us that we were in their way?!?

Despite being hurt, adreneline must if kicked in because I was out of the car throttling the kid when the police arrived.

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I was I believe 3 years old, possibly 4. It was valentine’s day, and we still lived in Michigan. My grandmother took me to go make crafts somewhere and we were on our way home. A van collided into us, smashing the drivers side and throwing us into a ditch…half tipped over. People had to rush over and make sure the car didn’t flip.
I recall playing wuith my feet between the door and the seat, so my feet got stuck (I was in the back, behind my grandmother who was driving)
They had to smash all the windows, someone laid a tarp on me to do it so I wouldn’t get hit with all the glass.
They then used the jaws of life to get me out.
Apparently my grandmother was hysterical, because they took her away in an ambulance and I was trapped.
My grandmother cries when she tells the story. She said she was sobbing in the hospital and I came racing up to her in a wheelchair…happy as a clam. I had no clue we almost died. I don’t think I was injured at all..

And since then, every car accident I’ve had, has been in the month of February! I’m terrified of driving during that month. I’ve rear ended two people (a year apart) Neither totalled my car, but did serious damage to my vehicle. My hyundai tiburan went under a Jeep..and my ford focus was severely damaged when I hit a Mercedes (the mercedes was perfectly fine) I hurt my knee during that crach, and the air bags shattered my windshield…and that powder crap. Ugh.

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Just after taking off from a stop sign, my car was T-boned on the driver’s side by a speeder in the fog. My back hasn’t been the same since.

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Drove off a bridge once.

blew a tire and flipped over the gaurd rail in my old jeep… concussion, a few broken ribs, broken nose, and a few fingers…

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Mine wasn’t too bad, nobody was hurt, thank GOD.
My brother and I were driving down a four lane road with very narrow lanes. I was driving past a big dump truck on his right side and all of a sudden he decided to pull into my lane. Thank God I sped up instead of slowing down. He caught the tail end instead of the front where we were. He pinned me up against the curb and the pressure was so bad that it busted out all the windows but the windshield. I don’t know how he didn’t realize he was running into me! It was the weirdest thing, I remember it kind of in slow motion making sure my little brother was okay while it was happening and telling myself to hold the wheel.The car was totaled. Oh, and then the driver ran over and was like…Did you not see me coming over!!! I was furious!

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My friend decided to see if he could drift around a corner at 10 mph in the snow and ended up driving up onto a snowbank. I sure live a wild life, don’t I?

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Admittedly, it was my fault.

Was turning through an intersection that had two oncoming lanes because my turn light had gone yellow (one lane had stopped and I saw nobody in the far lane), and got hit by a girl going 45mph. It was her 16th birthday… I know this because she wouldn’t stop screaming about it and about how her parents would kill her. She was fine, but because of this it took a while for the paramedics to notice me; I broke my left wrist, had a minor fracture on my left shin, and was bleeding from the throat where the seatbelt had cut into me. I was in shock and only noticed that I didn’t feel like using one of my arms.

It ended my career as a massage therapist.

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My best friend and I were at a party out in the country on graduation night. She was driving her mother’s car and tried to take a turn too quickly. We went down a hill and hit a tree head on. Luckily we only had scrapes, bruises and glass in our hair. That tree actually stopped us from dropping further down the hill into a creek.

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Street drag racing in Troy NY. I was in my Cuda powerbraking, staring at the light concentrating on the light, headers roaring. The light turned green, I took off right into the left front whell well of a fire engine responding to a fire.

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@3or4monsters The same thing happened to me while making a left turn. Someone had stopped and waved at me to turn (no light), but I didn’t see the truck coming around the stopped car. No one was hurt, but my car was totalled. That’s the only accident I’ve been in…so far…

My husband was in a bad accident once. He was on the highway in his little Mitsubishi Mirage. Some guy with a pickup had thrown a ladder into the back of the truck without tying it down. The ladder fell out and landed on highway, perpindicular to the lanes. My husband came over a rise, saw the ladder, and tried to swerve onto the shoulder around it. He almost made it, but his tires clipped the end of the ladder and the car went spinning. One side of his car slammed into the truck that had dropped the ladder (they’d pulled over but hadn’t gotten out). He then skidded across the highway, hit the median, and stopped. He had fifteen stitches in his forehead, thirty along one side of his head, bruises all over, and a broken vertebra. His car was completely destroyed, but he was very lucky and fully recovered from his injuries. Spent a couple of days in the hospital, and six weeks at home on bed rest. That was a rough patch, no doubt about it. Two years later, we finally settled with the insurance company and it was kind of like winning the lottery. Not that we made out like bandits, but we were able to put a downpayment on a house and fix the place up.

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Clipped my mirror once on a post.

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I was rear-ended (in my husband’s full sized Ford Truck – it was a 97, extended long bed…not a small truck) by a small Sentra. However, when you are at a dead stop, left turn signal on…waiting to turn, no where to go and a car hits you going over 45 mph, it’s never good. The kid totaled the truck, I was injured, he was injured. What was he doing? Waving to a friend. His brakes locked – the skid marks, very long. His car never really slowed down. Ridiculous. Oh, while his nose was bleeding profusely, he was begging me not to report the accident. Evidently, he had been in three accidents within the last month. Not only did the police show up before anyone called (there was an officer behind us…he just never saw the officer) he got ticketed for speeding and a few other things. Then…he was pretty much handcuffed after the hospital and arrested.

The other terrible accident, I was 5, my family was heading to a relative’s house and we were run off the road by a semi. All of us were hurt, I was in the hospital for 3 days with a head injury. My dad broke his arm, my sister had severe bruises and my mother was knocked unconscious. Witnesses said he slowed down, he knew he hit us, but he never stopped.

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I was rear-ended by a big car while stopped on an off-ramp in my little red Geo convertible. I was not badly injured, but the car was never the same again. Thank everything that’s holy that none of us were in this crash, huh?

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Worst accident I’ve personally been involved in… I was the front seat passenger in my friend’s Camero on the 4th of July. We were taking a short-cut to go meet some friends for a late dinner after the fireworks show in my hometown. Stupid, young, and excited, we were flying about 70mph down a 30mph road… and didn’t see the 90 degree turn ahead. My friend tried to stop, but ended up screaming around the corner and hitting a boulder in someone’s yard (which the person had specifically placed there because of all the wrecks) on my side of the vehicle. It totalled the car and we broke open a natural gas line, but luckily all three of us (there was another passenger in the back seat) walked away without a scratch. Needless to say, I haven’t ridden with that friend in a car since.

I’ve also heard a lot of horror stories from my fiance, who used to work as a wrecker driver for deadly crashes. One of the worst he ever had to pull out involved a Mustang convertible with 4 teenagers who were drag racing down a curvy Southern Indiana highway. They hit a corner which in my area is known as “Dead Man’s Corner”, ran off the road down into a ravine full of trees and all four of them were decapitated. The bodies were pulled out of the car before he had to pull it out… but none of the “mess” was cleaned up. Another bad one he assisted with involved two men who were drunk in a Jeep Wrangler, with their two young children in the back seat… drove off a curve into a ravine and killed the kids. It was right by my fiance’s house, so he was one of the first people on the scene. It’s been one of his biggest motivators against drunk driving…

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