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Smurfs are friggin’ Commies!

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Ecuador is living in a form of socialisms, the smurfs just hated the old guy and the cat…

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Does that make Ecuadorians smurfs?

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Being that most of my family is Ecuadorian and I love the smurfs…I lurve this thread.

Yeah, it’s pretty obvious or so many people believe.

Here is an article about the big article that supposedly caused all the ruckus, that you can find here!

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the only smurf not in a white hat is Pappa Smurf…

“Sons Under a Red Father…”

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They lived more communally, I think.

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@ubersiren thusly, communism lol? Marxist ideaologies are the basis of Communism.

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Yep, that is what it means. Living communally… communism.

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I actually picture them more as an autonomous collective living a rather agrarian lifestyle. Personally I think they were likely Libertarians as they seemed to have no government. And besides, one woman, 100 guys and no babies? Right there that means they had no government, because first of all, Smurfette’s first abortion would split the community into two political camps. I think they were essentially anarchists who were led by a guru.

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@dalepetrie Hermits on a hill, sort of thing.

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It’s a children’s cartoon, why must we complicate it so? Why can’t we just enjoy the show/movie without having to dig at every little freaking thing? Why does it have to be something or mean something, why can’t it just be something children (and the occasional older person) watch as a form of entertainment? You people are making things waaaay more complicated than they need to be. Just sit back and enjoy life for once! It’s more fun this way.

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