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Saw 4 ending is the same as saw 3? Detective Hoffman meets Jigsaw in Saw 5? Amanda Young helps with bathroom test? HELP! when does each event take place?

Asked by bluedoggiant (648points) April 25th, 2009

Ok, so I have watched saw, saw 2, saw 3, saw 4, saw 5. amazing movies, i loved them all, but a few things confused me to no end, the flashbacks, some of them they are obvious, some are not. If any saw fanboy or “expert” if you will shed some light on that?

Ok, so in saw 3, its doctor lynn, and amanda, and lynn’s husband that take major role in the movie. At the end, Lynn’s husband says I forgive you to Jigsaw, then kills him with a saw to his neck.

This seems good, but at the end of Saw 4, when Rigg is doing his final test with eric mathew, art blank, and mark hoffman, special agent strahm goes into the building, and behind the metal door to John kramers death bed, in the backround I hear “I forgive you…REEEEEEE cuts neck with a powersaw” Peter walks in, Jeff is in there, asking where his daughter is, are you telling me that he has been in that room ever since the end of saw 3 till saw 4? is when they replay Jeff forgiving Jigsaw a flashback?

Also, was Saw 3, as in the main story and plot, was it taken place in the Gideon meat factory like the end of Saw 4?

Next question

I know amanda young was Jigsaw’s apprentice, in Saw 3, in shows her helping out with the bathroom test with Adam and Lawrence that occurred in the first saw, was the Jaw trap on amanda conducted on her before the bathroom test? how about when shes in the house for a second test in saw 2? was she still an apprentice to jigsaw? technically, when did she start helping jigsaw, apart from when she shows up in the movie.

Last thing…i think lol. Mark hoffman the detective, at the end of saw 4, simply gets out of the chair and walks over to Rigg and says game over, was he a part of the whole thing? Did he set up that whole game and put himself in it and act as if his life is in jeopardy and got art blank to “supervise” them without knowing hoffman set it up?

In Saw 5, it shows mark hoffman helping out with the Saw 2 house test and Paul cutting himself (the fat guy). Mark hoffman showed up in Saw 3. was he helping out from the beginning? Also, Detective Hoffman goes up in the elevator with John Kramer, technically, was that a flashback? and was that a flashback to “before saw 1”? In there, John mentions seth baxters pendulum murder, does this mean that Mark hoffman killed seth before saw 1 even, but they just showed it in saw 5?

Thanks for the help guys, I love these movies, but those few things confuse me

oh and im extremely sorry for the length….hahaha

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saw 5 was kind of sucky, I found it confusing too.. but I am looking foward to saw 6? lol

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@Lothloriengaladriel hahahaha i take it you don’t know, but there is a saw 6 coming out ;), they started filming march 30th.

im soo excited. I wonder if there are any Saw fanboy sites or something.

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Also, was Saw 3, as in the main story and plot, was it taken place in the Gideon meat factory like the end of Saw 4? Yes

Was the Jaw trap on Amanda conducted on her before the bathroom test? Yes

In there, John mentions Seth Baxter’s pendulum murder, does this mean that Mark Hoffman killed Seth before saw 1 even, but they just showed it in saw 5? Yes

—> She started helping Jigsaw when she first survived by taken the key out of the guys stomach and every time she appears besides that she is working for him.

—> The detective in Saw 4 just supervised, and made sure everything went as planned, more or less like the male nurse in saw 1, just he did it willingly at the end, becoming the next Jigsaw

—> I don’t think he helped out from the very beginning, but he did soon become an apprentice

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