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What star sign are you? And does this affect who you are?

Asked by sakura (8267points) April 25th, 2009

I was browsing the paper the other day and read my star sign, not very interesting I might add! I started to wonder whether or not people actually behaved like they are supposed to – according to their star sign!

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I’m Libra (though being born Oct. 22, I’m on the cusp of Scorpio) but I am a Libra all the way. I don’t really care all that much, I think its all a bit of make believe, but I do find it odd every now and then to read my horoscope and it sums up my day. Creepy.

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i’m the archer (dec 14) and af what i’ve reada, i’m pretty much like that, not that I think about it much :s…

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I’m Aries, but I don’t believe in astrology. They say things in horoscopes that can apply to anyone.

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I’m on the cusp of gemini and cancer, and I seem to have characteristics of both, but definitely more cancer than gemini

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I’m a classic Leo. Or so I’m told.
With a dash of Moon in Pisces
I was born on August 21st, 1986.

I’m a Leo, I’m a Fire Tiger, and a ton of my planets are fire and junk.
So I have a tendency towards being feisty. >:)
I bite.

I’m not as into it as some of my friends, I read it when I have a paper but I don’t look for my daily horoscope every morning. It’s just fun. All of them looooove to point out my hair, which is a classic Leo trait, it’s either blond or red and made of waves and curls and goes crazy if I don’t think about it. I’ve been told by complete strangers that when I’m off in a corner I watch people like a cat. And that I have a cat smile.

I think it’s interesting, who knows, maybe it’s because I’m made of all kitties all the time.
I laugh it off.

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Like flameboi, I, too, am Sagittarius (in fact we share the same birthday). As to how much that affects who I am, it doesn’t at all. The stars that make up the constellation of Sagittarius are far too distant to have any significant gravitational pull on little ol’ me.

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It boggles me how people can still believe in astrology.

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Aries here. A lot of it fits who I am, but like someone else said, they write them like that on purpose.

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I am a Gemini. I like everything and want everything. Yes, the symbol applies to me.

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I am a gemini by the way not sure what that says about me, but I know the chinese year of the horse description describes me pretty accurately.

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I’m Aries and my horoscope is always right. But then again, I could read the Pisces one and it wouldn’t make any difference. It’s always vague enough to apply to almost anyone:

“you will encounter a friend today, someone that will help you overcome whatever it is that worries you.”

Is that the cop that will get me my daughter back or some colleague that unjams the photocopier? Or the cousin I visited earlier that showed understanding and listened to my problem?

“you will embark on a journey soon. And the stars say it’s a good time to try new things”

How soon? You mean my holidays to Malta next year? And what new things? Pineapple juice? Sex with a lizard? Opening a shoe-repair shop? Taking a different bus home?

Even if there is any truth in the star signs, people who write the horoscope column in newspapers have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about. As for astrologers, 99% of them (I think it’s 100%, but I’ll allow them the benefit of the doubt) are frauds and should be exiled to the Pleiades. Without a spacesuit.

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@sakura I agree about the Chinese calendar, too. I am a tiger!

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I get annoyed when people talk about how general horoscopes are. They are when they’re in the paper, but if you do your entire chart, it can be eerily accurate (go to Personal Portrait). Obviously, it’s still just for fun.

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@asmonet That is eerily accurate. Very…

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i am not into the daily horoscope, but my sign is Pisces. They say Pisces is “creative, dreamer, romantic.” That’s definitely me.

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I’m an Aquarius and since I have a lot of time on my hands, I’ll write (in bold type) how I match up or don’t match up with this Aquarian information I found on the Internet.

Aquarius Traits


• Friendly and humanitarian – yes
• Honest and loyal – yes
• Original and inventive – not often
• Independent and intellectual – yes


• Intractable and contrary – almost never
• Perverse and unpredictable – definitely not
• Unemotional and detached – not even close

Aquarius Likes:
fame and recognition – no
personal privacy – yes
rainbows – they’re beautiful
dreams – not especially
magic – it’s just okay
change for its own sake – sometimes
eccentricity – not really
surprises – now and then
living within their means despite the many temptations which constantly surround them every waking moment – yes

Aquarius Dislikes:
emotion and intimacy – I don’t dislike it but sometimes I want it sparingly
people who show off – true, a dislike
being taken for granted – true, a dislike
being pinned down – partially true, I can waver with this feeling sometimes
violence and fighting – true, a very BIG dislike of mine
senseless or purposeless extravagance of any sort – true, a dislike

Important Parameters:

Lucky Number – 2 (Nope, my lucky number is 5)

Lucky Color – Red (Wrong again. It’s BLUE for me)

Lucky Flower – Snowdrop, foxglove, gentian (I don’t have a lucky flower)

Lucky Gemstone – Amethyst (This is my birthstone. What makes it lucky?)

Lucky Day – Thursday (Really? I would have picked Saturday)

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@Bluefreedom Im Aries, and almost all of those traits/ likes/ dislikes apply to me also. I’m sure whatever sign discribed has details that fit anyone.

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I’m a cancer. I love this sort of thing.

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“Affect” is not the right word. A full birth chart with all of the planets taken into account can generally offer some accurate insight into a person’s nature. But that doesn’t “affect” their nature, so much as perhaps transcribe a few aspects of it.

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thanks for all the great answers so far, it’s interesting to note that not many people pay serious attention to their star signs, but stlil look at them and almost use them as entertainment. thanks again and keep those answers coming!!

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i’ve done charts for over 30 years and taught a few folks the basics. first, i agree with nearly every point made here. how? because from what they can see——it’s like the blind men and the elephant—they’re quite right. i was paid once to do an astro column. guess what? technicalities too long to say here mean your sign in your local paper is your rising sign, not sun sign. and no, stars don’t “make” you anything; use common sense. however, a well done natal chart does indeed indicate inherent strengths and weaknesses, plus conditions and circumstances likely to arise often…i spend about 30 hours on a chart, without even scratching the surface! i consider it a branch of psychology. how can it “work”? i suggest looking into quantum mchanics a bit: the universe is one thing, expressed in many ways.

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ps: i note that a fellow aquarian (we’re often scientists at heart, key words “i know”)—detailed out for this forum an objective, detatched little personal experiment…..just sayin’ : )

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pps: i further note that a water sign (water:emotion) said simply “i love it,” air signs (air:mind) chose to reason out their answers, fire signs predominated in answering at all (fire:action), and earth didn’t bother (earth:abides! no need to waste time trading opinions). who spoke at length on themselves? a leo. (leos are all about heart, btw, and are born to simply be, but i’m biased toward them). the astrodienst site is excellent ( top in their field, and the site gives you tools to learn for yourself.

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cancer. most of my traits match up, but i could probably find truth in the other signs’ traits too.

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Aries also. I don’t like some of the qualities they described with me. I like Librians, if I could choose. Or Piceses.

I was born March 27th, 1984.

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Virgo :) it’s fun to think about it and read my horoscope, but I’m not too serious about it.
It doesn’t affect me at all.

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thanks to the 2 above posts and welcome to fluther :)

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I never really believed in this, however, too many people have said my need for space and other attributes make me the typical Sag.

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