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I am making a couple of pairs of cut off jeans shorts. Is there any way to make the bottoms fray faster?

Asked by Adina1968 (2747points) April 25th, 2009

I love the way cut off jean shorts look but when you first make them the bottoms look stupid. How can up make them fray faster?

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Maybe if you grow a mullet and scatter some car parts on your lawn they’ll just start to fray naturally….....

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Take a pair of scissors and cut small strips of evenly spaced, diagonal slits all along the bottom of your shorts. And keepin mind that you should
allow for about an inch of extra length for the fraying process. The slits themselves should only be about a quarter inch long.

Then gather the pant leg at the bottom and scrunch it all together. Then take a bristled hair brush and rub it on the bottom of the pant leg. Little strings will start to fly and you will see the material begin to fray. Do it just so the slits are about half way frayed, then wash and dry.

I learned this from Queer Eye.

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Or, you know…tinyfaery’s method. :)

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After I cut them, I just start pulling out the white horizontal threads with a fork.

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Pull at the ends a little and wash them a few times.

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after i cut them, i just tug the white strings out with a seam ripper. Then i wash them

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