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What is the powdery residue on grapes that I buy from the supermarket?

Asked by nebule (16446points) April 25th, 2009

is it pesticide?

and does washing them in water really get it off…cause they still seems bit…powdery…

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Hmm. I don’t think it’s pesticide. I asked my husband, he thinks it occurs naturally.

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hmmm interesting,,,

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I would think it’s wax, like on apples.

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Quick googling, says mildew.

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can’t be healthy though surely…if it is indeed a wax of some form…and if so…what is it for??

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oooooh yuk :-p

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But I think the mildew is from when they’re on the vine, I’m really more convinced it’s some sort of wax.

Even so, no worse than mushrooms.

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found it!.(my initial search didn’t produce any definitive findings!) thanks all x

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Ha! I’m Queen of Guessin’! :)

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Rinse to remove? Fruit is porous. I don’t get the whole rinsing logic….can someone explain this to me?

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I have not seen it, but my dad grows grapes, so it can be one of two things:

1) sulphur, which is basically a fertiliser and would make them taste bad if you don’t wash it. Just a rinse will be enough though.

2) part of the skin of the grape (I don’t think it’s really mildew, but it may be). It’s more like an extra layer by the grape itself trying to protect its skin. Again, just rinse and you’ll survive.

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