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Can anyone translate this audio file?

Asked by PunkMaister (8points) April 25th, 2009

Other than probably being a combination of portuguese and Spanish I’ve got no idea what she is saying. I know it’s portuguese because the video the audio originated from is from Brazil here’s the audio clip links (Sorry about the problem with the previous link):

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I speak Spanish and understand quite a bit of Portuguese as well. That is random noise. And my browser closed unexpectedly so I fear that may be an infested site. I will run my anti-virus now and ask others to be cautious.

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[mod says] This question has been edited, and safer links are now posted.

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I’m brazilian but the audio is too confuse.

May be: are you feeling (are you)? are you feeling uhh? hmm
are you lying (are you)? Are you lying uh? hmm

probably the 1st one…

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