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Hitler survived all of the assassination attempts staged against him. Was Hitler under God's protection?

Asked by ragingloli (45916points) April 25th, 2009
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Might as well throw Fidel Castro in that question then

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yes it seems God favour’s dictators.

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No. He was a paranoid bastard who assumed every one was out to get him (which they were) and so took precautions.

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I think his (or another Nazi leader’s) astrologer foretold of his death about a month before it happened.

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can’t say this theory is gonna sway me from agnoticism

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At least two of the attempts other than Stauffenberg’s came quite close IIRC. A bomb was placed in his personal aircraft made from captured British plastic explosive pressed into a bottle of cognac. Unfortunately, the cargo compartment where it was become cold enough during the flight to render it inoperative. A conspirator had to intercept the cognac bottle before it reached it’s “intended recipient” (a non-conspirator). Another attempt had a suicide bomber ready to accompany Hitler through a display of captured armaments. Hitler was usually very keen on keeping up on the minutiae of weapons development and was expected to dwell at length on the exhibits. However, this time he stalked past all of them without stopping, exiting the hall before the time the bomber had set on the fuse before hand. This fellow had to quickly excuse himself to a restroom to disarm.

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I can’t fathom how God would protect someone that brought about the extermination of 6 million human beings.

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God wasn’t protecting him. Satan was.

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@Bluefreedom why not? he protected moses. and he exterminated more than 6 million people when he sent the flood.

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@Bluefreedom: I seem to remember something about an ark and a lot of water

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Removed by God himself.

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i wonder what the original answer was

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Which God? I’d say it fits the bill of the Judeo-Christian God. Sure seems like His work.

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@ragingloli. Whatever it was, it didn’t meet with the approval of the almighty and it just goes to show that my Fluther answers are not under God’s protection. And here I thought that I was special. What a downer.

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@ragingloli: Moses did not cause the flood he warned people and gave them an option out. Hitler systematically murdered millions of people of a variety of religions, ethnic backgrounds, physical/mental ailments and ages. It’s rather offensive to compare the two.

Anyway, your question is ridiculous.

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he was just lucky :s, but i favour the theory of God backing up dictators lol

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@asmonet that is not what i said. when moses came to the “promised land” it was already occupied so he shorthandedly wiped out entire cities including the inhabitants. all that under God’s protection.

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I’m backing away from you while I still can.

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@ragingloli Hehe, where in the world did you get the number 6 million people killed during the flood? I mean, whats your source?

@asmonet I think you confuse moses with noah.

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And that is what Vicodin does to you folks.

That….right there.

Prescription painkillers plus ragingloli saying flood up top totally messed with my brains.

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An interesting question… perhaps a possibly extant God no longer has humanity’s best interests at heart.

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Lol except Hitler was a pawn, he was alive until the job was done. As for divine intervention, I’d say that everything in relation to Nazi Germany; the answer to the question’s “why did this happen” and “who gained what” and “what changed behind the curtains” – was willed by man. Unless god is the will of man then the answer to your question is no. And that sure is a depressing thought.

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No. Divine intervention might have happened 13.7 billion years ago, but not recently in my opinion.

Maybe Hitler was successfully killed in a parallel universe, in the same way that someone who commits quantum suicide is still alive somewhere.

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@mattbrowne well we know who is a wikipedia’ian haha. (but really it is a great site with lots of interesting PoV’s). That’s an interesting theory that I have thought about myself. For me the answer lies in much simpler laws : If it happens once, it must happen again. And when time is excluded from the equation, there is only pattern.

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@TjHare – Well, I wouldn’t try quantum suicide. What if the copenhagen interpretation is correct after all? But Max Tegmark is an interesting guy. I expect more weird stuff from him.

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