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Make dogs get along with each other.

Asked by intro24 (1434points) December 8th, 2007

My two dogs hate each other. Any suggestions on how to easily get them use to each other and not fight.

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Cesar Milan aka “The Dog Whisperer”

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You (the alpha) need to designate one as dominant and the other submissive. The dominant gets attention first (food, petting, etc.) and it needs to be clear who is dominant. Possibly, you need to keep them 100% separated for a time (within the house), so that they’ll forget about each other over the course of a month or two. My coworker employed these techniques on the advice of her vet for two female litter mates (the worst possible combo) and it did work in time.

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I’ve heard from trainers that this is something the two dogs need to work out. Have you given them one chance to “go at it”, to bring someone out on top?

Most the time they’ll just make alot noise and tumble, then be cool when one of two realizes who’s boss. Just went through it with an rescued lab and a younger boxer. They’re best of friends now.

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You didn’t supply any information about their sex, breed, whether they’re neutered, how old they are, how long you’ve had them, where you got them, what precipitates the fights (food, attention, etc)’s impossible to give any pertinent advice without more information.

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well actually, i have a 9 month old male german shepherd who gets a long with all dogs. one day, i took him to the neighbours dog. It was a 3 year old female huskey who didnt really like dogs. I went over with Thunder (my german shepherd) and when Clubs (the huskey), thunder got close to her and she came she bit thunder, a little nip. Hard enough for Thunder to cry out. So, Ginette(huskeys owner), held onto Clubs, and TI carried Thunder to CLubs, although i kinda had to force him to because he wouldnt go near her. After that, she licked him and he licked her, and they started to play. Now they’re best friends! One day, i brought out a treat for both of them and I fed it to Thunder first, Clubs bit him on the nose, thats when Thunder snapped. He wasn’t fixed at the time. They both started to fight. Since then, none of them share from the same waterbowl. This time Thunder was boss, and now they’re still best friends. But she follows him.

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You don’t decide which dog is dominant—they decide. When they work it out, then you have to honor their choice by acknowledging the dominant dog etc as Kevbo described.

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