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How do you wire money to someone in a foreign country?

Asked by LKidKyle1985 (6586points) April 25th, 2009

I might have to wire a friend some money and im not really sure how to do this. Direct deposit into a bank is probably not an option. so how do people do this usually?

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Call Western Union.

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Depends on the country, but Western Union works almost anywhere.
It’s often possible to send it via a normal bank account, or send a cheque, or various other options, but it really depends on the country.

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The country is Russia

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Like Lightlyseared said, WU will work fine for that.

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we go to amscot to send money to our family in cuba…

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Thanks guys I know it was kinda a dumb question but I really had no idea about wiring money, I will go with Western Union they seem to have a lot of locations in Russia that will work.

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Western Union is more expensive than a regular bank transfer. Ask your friend if he has a bank account, ask your bank what information do they need, and then ask your friend to get that information.

It takes longer, though.

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You can use MoneyGram to wire money overseas. Their fees are often cheaper than Western Union. Any Wal-Mart has MoneyGram.

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Russia might be tough. Have you thought about PayPal?

Russia is on their list.

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nah pay pal is not really an option either.

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