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What is your happiest moment today?

Asked by bianlink (164points) April 25th, 2009
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my boy came and smoked me out

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Seeing my friends at the gym in my group training class. And then when the class was over (it’s like boot camp).

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I’m at Disneyland. I win.

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My daughter’s tap and ballet recital. A bunch of 5 and 6 year old girls in their little white tutus, it was so adorable! We get to see it again in a couple of hours.

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A little morning delight. @tinyfaery- I win!

(after that it’s been all downhill)

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Today not only did I learn the first 10 moves of my first kata in karate class, but I had to execute them along with the other students in my class, some of them who’ve been studying gojo karate for 20 years! I did them perfectly! w00t!

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Talking to my boyfriend on the phone for like two hours straight….he is in Utah right now :(

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@tinyfaery – I was there on Monday. It was HOT and people were pretty rude and it was kind of dirty. Not what I’m used to after seeing Disneyworld. I hope it’s better for you.

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This is cheesy, but eating lunch with my girlfriend and then snuggles.

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Walking out of my last law school final ever!

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@jrfische: good for you!!

um, good luck with the bar

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@autumn Not so hot today, and I’m sure Anaheim is never as hot and humid as Florida. It’s never dirty at Disneyland. People are rude everywhere. And Disneyland is og. Disney World is a cheap copy :)

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Also, from my experience, Disneyland is kept cleaner than the Magic Kingdom at WDW..

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Taking a nice warm bath before my son got up.

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Best moment so far was around mile 3.3 of my run today. Just felt amazing.

Burrito, margaritas, my best friend, and an unbelievably sexy gentleman caller are in my immediate future though, so it may be replaced soon.

Still not as good as Disneyland, though. @tinyfaery still wins.

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@AstroChuck and @tinyfaery – I was saying that I was at DisneyLAND on Monday and it was dirty and hot (hottest day in April in 50 years they told me) and I was sad that it wasn’t as nice as DisneyWORLD.

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this morning i took my dogs on a walk in a wagon because one of my dogs is too old and weak to walk but i just put my younger dog in it anyway. they enjoyed it. then i went to the lake and swam —even though it was like freezing cold—

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I found 10 unworn vintage wool cycling jerseys at the flea market for $2.00 a piece.

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@autumn I know what you are saying, and I am saying that DisneyLAND is way fucken better than Disney world .
Plus, DisneyLAND is the original, Disney world is a cheap copy.

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@tinyfaery – sorry I just thought you misunderstood me. I didn’t mean to get into a pissing contest about which make believe world was better.

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right after i took my mix of pain killers/sleeping pills/some other thing that makes me feel funny…

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@tinyfaery- But neither parks are as good as morning delight, so I still win!

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Right now! Drunken guitar hero.

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@autumn43 Make believe? I was really there today. And, I’m just playin’.

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Being the only person who can rock and sing my grand son to sleep for his nap.

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@Judi You’re grandson is adorable!

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actually, that’s my grand daughter, but I think I’ll change it to a pic of my grandson!

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@Judi oops. I should never assume. Both are beautiful. :)

Now I want another baby!

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that’s only 2 of them, you should see the other two older ones!

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When my husband and daughter were tickleing me and I was yelling and laughing and my six year old son ran over to my husband and said “YOU LEAVE MOMMA ALONE!” He was really indignant like he thought they were hurting me or something. It was very cute and made me know that he lubs his momma! :)

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It such a small thing (although it is only 1pm so hopefully there will be more happy moments) but one of the horses (who is usually a nightmare) was really well behaved when I moved him from the field to the stable. He is only 4 years old but very strong and has frightened me on more than one occasions (I nearly ended up with a hoof in the head a few weeks ago!). Today he was calm, well behaved and even quite friendly. I’d say it was more of a moment of relief than happiness but here’s hoping that this is a sign of improvement (and maybe even maturity).

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Being licked in the face by my dog. That unconditional love.

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My daughter cleaned her room without being asked, and my son got up for school without calling me names or trying to hit anyone one.

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