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I downloaded music from a website and don't know how to play it. About to throw $1200 macbook thru un opened window?

Asked by kkatz66 (3points) April 25th, 2009
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Where do you live? I’ll come and stand under your window!!

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It’s not the Macbook’s fault. Where did you download said music from?

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Most music file formats will open iTunes and import just by double-clicking them. Are you sure you downloaded the actual music files, and not just aliases or Web links? Select one of the files that you downloaded, and type command-i to get info on it. Under “kind” it will tell you if its a music file or something else. Also look at the “Size”. If it’s smaller than 1MB or 1,000kB, it’s probably not a music file.

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It might be a format like .ogg or .flac. If it is, you’ll need to find an audio transcoder to convert it into a file playable by itunes, like an mp3, or just download something like VLC to play it.

I’m not a fan of Macs, so i can’t really suggest a program for you to download.

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Here is where I would start, open iTunes and see if you can drag the file into the library, if you can then it should play. The default preferences usually are set to open iTunes automatically so I bet this is a strange sort of file. Where did you get the music?

Anyhow if you can get it into iTunes and it still won’t place, go into the advanced tab on the menu bar and tell it to convert the selection to mp3, then it should go.

And if it doesn’t, I’m with sakura, I will come stand under you window too!!!

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Find out what format they’re in first.
If they’re WMA, RMA, or something other than mp3, m4a, and the like you’re in for a hassle.
If they’re more standard formats, open iTunes, File—> Add to Library.

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