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Are yawns Contagious?

Asked by TieDyeTacos (41points) April 25th, 2009

Every time i see someone yawn, i yawn too. What causes this?

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Its a mystery but its true

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* yawn *

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Yes, go here to learn more about it.

Count how many times you yawn reading that article.

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Apparently, from illegal immigrants. Maybe it’s all those siestas.

This is sarcasm.

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I yawn also when I see others do it. Thanks for the article, @asmonet. Now I know why I do it. I think. =)

I yawned 4 times while reading that Wikipedia article.

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I just yawned while reading your question. :)

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No, Mythbusters did a serious of experiments and debunked that.

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Hmm, the mythbusters. I stopped watching that when they described carbon dioxide with the toxic properties of carbon monoxide. They are hardly scientific, but it makes for good entertainment I guess.

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i yawned reading the Q and then again reading miasmoms reply. Im closing this tab now before i fall asleep.

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For me they sure are. Even if they really aren’t, they are. I mean, it might have been scientifically shown that people are not suggestible and that seeing or thinking about yawning does not stimulate the yawn reflex, but if I don’t know that, and I believe they are contagious, then believing it has the power of suggestion and makes me yawn anyway, in which case they are. Right?

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i think it all depends on your mood at dat time..i mean if u r doing some terribly horribly boring monotonus wrk…or if u r feeling really lethargic…and u c this person yawning in front of u..then its contagious ..big time!!..but if u r feeling really excited abt sumthing ..or if u r really tensed abt sumthing and then u have sum1 yawning in front of u…u do get pissed off!!

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Just reading the word yawn makes me yawn ;) leave alone the fact that when you see someone yawning you automatically yawn

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