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This is for those of you who shave down there... not wax. How do you get past the stubble?

Asked by ahankes (88points) April 25th, 2009

When I shave down there… or when my husband shaves, the stubble is just OUCH!

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I HATE shaving the bikini area… I use Nair. It’s far less painful growing back in for me.

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I shave in all directions to get the stubble. It does lead to bumps and scars from bumps though. Luckily, my Pookie doesn’t care :)

@ubersiren nair burned the shit outta me when I tried that. Never again

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Get used to it….

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Nair burned my legs when I tried it, I would rather cut off my ear than put Nair there. (I’m kind of jealous you have such a less-painful and effective method though…)

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I don’t close shave so the stubble ain’t bad at all. :)

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wonders when this trend will burn out

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I have been told that the longer you shave the easier it gets as far as stubble, razor burn, bumps and all the other hassles. Hasn’t gotten any better for me yet

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Personally, I wax. Now before you stop reading…

Just the thought alone scared me before I tried it… but to be that smooth for that long, the split second discomfort associated is totally worth it!! As long as you go to a professional spa (not those Chinese nail shops)
I found a cool girl who has got all the required waxing licenses. She ended up leaving the spa and works out of her home so its even more affordable now.

I hated shaving. I LOVE WAXING! And eventually after you wax for so long (a number of years), the hair stops growing back! Mt reccomendation, try a full wax (yes full, its really not that bad) at least once before you write it off. :)

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I’d love to wax, but I’m afraid of losing a labia.

edit: How often must you wax?

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@ubersiren I waxed myself once and ripped off some skin. lol I’m scared too but I wanna try it again with a professional.

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LOL losing “a” labia
I’m rolling on the floor!

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@Facade : Oh my god, see!?!?! It’s possible! One could just peel right off! You’d look like Bubba Gump down there with just one lip sticking out!

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Shave in the shower under the water. If everything stays nice and wet, you can shave everything without getting stubbles. And shave against the hair.

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@ubersiren – I have tears in my eyes, I am laughing so hard. I totally interrupted the movie we’re watching (can you tell I’m not paying attention?) because I just started laughing so hard!

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@estella But don’t you have to let the hair grow back pretty long before you can wax again? I couldn’t deal with that. The way I get around stubble is by leaving a small “landing strip” if you will, because that is the only area that I get razor burn on. The rest I can shave every day so no stubble.

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Is electrolosis out of the question?

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@cak I was laughing, too. What visuals!

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Shave after you’ve been in the shower for a while, the heat and water soften the hair. Use a sharp clean razor. I don’t use shaving cream, just a little hair conditioner. Use your other hand to stretch your skin tight. Shave in the direction of the hair, you can go the opposite direction, but I dont. It irritates my skin. After you are dry, you can use a quick once over of stick deodorant on shaved areas. I don’t shave every day, maybe once every week or two. I let it grown in a bit but shave the edges, a bit wider than landing strip. The important part is to use exfoliant when you wash, it stops ingrown hairs.

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Wow that’s some detail. Is it typical now to reveal this level of info publically?

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@PupnTaco Not out of MY mouth it isn’t! But this site is good at it. I’ve seen it over & over. :-(

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@ubersiren The bubbagump comment is the best! I laugh everytime I read it.

I have found that it itches when I shave, too. Does that happen to anyone else?

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try Coochy Shave Cream. I heard it’s fantastic

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@Facade : That’s cool looking stuff- I’d be willing to try that!

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@elijah: Why the deodorant?? That sounds painful!

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@La_chica_gomela Why would deodorant hurt? Haha You don’t even feel it, just like under your arms. I’m not exactly sure why it works, but I swear by it. I use dove, it’s very mild. It’s a little trick I learned from the strippers. I’ve been doing it for years. The other key part is exfoliation, the same stuff you would use on your face.

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I gave up on shaving due to the pain of stubble and ingrown hairs. Now I trim and keep it maintained nicely. Eventually I’d like to get at least certain parts of it removed permanently via LASIK.

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@elijah: It does sting my underarms! Are you sure the strippers just don’t want to have sweaty coochies while they’re dancing? How did you learn this trick from strippers, anyway?? lol

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What does the deodorant actually do? Did I miss this?

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@estella I’m in 100% agreement. Waxing changed my life.

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@La_chica_gomela I bartended at a strip club for many years. We talked about things.
@ubersiren I’m not exactly sure why exactly it works, but it prevents red itchy skin and bumps. Sweat clogs pores, so that’s probably part of why it works.

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@elijah I might just try this deodorant thing for the hell of it…

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Oh Im definitely going to try the deodorant thing! Thank you!

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Again witch hazel… She is a good witch… Like Glenda for skin!

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@PupnTaco Wow that’s some detail. Is it typical now to reveal this level of info publically?
Yeah, but who you are dictates if you get slammed for it or not. After all, it might be considered too personal to ask, even if there is a genuine curiosity on what is commonly done. I would also speculate the more nebulous it is, the greater chance of being less offensive even if it leads to directions the OP never had a desire to know.

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