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What would you cut from the homepage?

Asked by ideabrian (404points) December 9th, 2007

I’d like to suggest some design improvements, but don’t want it to be a voice of a single person.

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I would remove some—if not all—of the actual reviews from the homepage. That content takes up a lot of space and is better suited to a detail page, a couple clicks away from the homepage.

Also, the logo is too similar to Flickr. You should have a more distinct brand identity.

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Wow.. That is a lot of cluttr.. The stuff I highlighted in green I think could go. You could put it someplace else. And the margins and padding make it feel really cramped.

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I’m with johnpowell. It is so “clutr’d” I couldn’t get a sense of purpose or direction.

You’ve got a Web 2.0 Layout with Web .9 in your content area.

You need a call to action. What do you want your visitor to do?

Think about this site, what is the first thing you are prodded to do?

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