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Do you feel bad for laughing at people you shouldn't be laughing at?

Asked by knitfroggy (8959points) April 26th, 2009

There is a guy in my town that dresses like a woman. This isn’t so uncommon, I’m sure. This dude is so remarkable tho. He’s literally close to 7ft. tall and probably doesn’t weigh 135lbs. He is so tall and skinny he reminds me of one of those stick bugs. Anyway, he wears all sorts of weird clothes and shoes. Pantyhose with skulls on them and a denim mini skirt with no shirt, purple shiny halter tops, fur coats in the winter, just all kinds of different stuff. He lives in a dirt room shack with three dogs and rides a bike all over town. People have made myspace and facebook pages of this guy (they’ve since been taken down). He is a sensation in this town.

I get happy when I see him, so I can see what he’s wearing or doing. He rides his bike all over town when the weather is nice and chances are you can see him everyday. I get a kick out of watching him-we call him Tranny Steve. Is it wrong for me to laugh? Do you think it makes me a bad person? He’s either crazy or burned up on drugs, there are lots of different stories that go around about him

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