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What do you think about Jeep?

Asked by bright_eyes00 (1343points) April 26th, 2009

I really like the patriot and the wrangler models they offer. What is your opinion? I currently drive a ford focus but i used to have an F150. I miss being in a truck but i dont think i have any need for another big truck. I need something to go up in the mountains with me so somethin 4X4 is prefferable. What do you reccommend?

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It’s good for off the road driving, if you do that a lot than fine, but on reg. roads it’s too stiff when driving.

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jeep is rubbish. buy a range rover. or maybe you can get the toyota hilux top gear used to drive to the north pole :D

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@ragingloli: A jeep is what it is, a Range Rover is very expensive rubbish. I’ve had one…expensive trash.

Many people use jeeps for off-road excursions, certainly it wont be a comfortable ride on regular roads…maybe comfortable, but certainly not luxurious.

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Over the last 14 years, I’ve had a Grand Wagoneer, several Cherokees, and a Grand Cherokee. They were great for camping, road trips, and even emergency shelter at times. All were very reliable BUT, they all needed to have the water pump replaced at some point. I was involved in accidents in 3 of them, and all held up extremely well. I always felt super safe driving a Jeep. The Grand Cherokee was my favorite. It had a lot of power and was burly, but it also had a nice interior and a great sound system. Mine also had a moon roof. I ended up getting rid of it because It had a million miles on it, gas was skyrocketing, and parking that thing in the city was horrendous. I miss it all the time though. If you can deal with the low MPG and the occasional repair, I’d definitely get one.

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I had a Jeep Liberty for a couple of years, and I loved it. I didn’t do any off-roading, but it was great for hauling two kids and all their crap around. It never gave me any trouble, and since it was the “Limited Edition” model the little perks like heated seats and six disc CD changer made me very happy. I still miss it. The only reason we traded it in was because we had a third kid and I couldn’t fit three car seats/booster seats in the Liberty. Well, maybe we could have packed them in, but they would have driven each other (and me) crazy. We opted for a minivan, and the day we traded the Liberty in I wanted to cry.

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Every friend I’ve ever known that has had a jeep has loved it; they must be doing something right.

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Jeeps suck, range rovers are nice but if you don’t want to spend too much then get a land rover P90

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We had a regular Jeep Cherokee and then a Jeep Grand Cherokee, when I was a child. They were great cars, we’d drive to and from Michigan twice a year in them.
My husband really wants his next car to be a jeep, but it needs to be a big enough one for more than one carseat..

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I used to drive a Grand Cherokee and now drive a Cherokee. If you live in an area where you have to drive through a lot of snow, you can’t do much better. But if you want an automobile that doesn’t completely suck in every other aspect, I wouldn’t recommend one.

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My mom has a Jeep Grand Cherokee. I hate driving it. It feels like a box on wheels. Poor handling, rough ride. I’ve been a passenger in other types of jeeps, same story.

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I like Eugene the Jeep (from Popeye).

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Check out the stats at Consumer Reports – Jeep is terrible in almost every aspect; Range Rover even worse.

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Jeep: Just Exchange Every Part.

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I’ve owned a couple jeeps. I <3 jeep. My first car was a Grand Cherokee Limited which was actually quite nice and rather fast too. Got rid of it to buy a wrangler cause i wanted to go out in the woods. Loved my wrangler and never really had any problems with it, but got rid of it because of gas. Having 34” tires means your MPG=shit. I would love to get a jeep again someday though. oh how i’d want a hurricane They are a ton of fun to drive especially when you take the roof and doors off :)

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If you are a hillbilly mechanic, them they are a great car.

Otherwise avoid. Unless you like sub par parts, workmanship and trips back to the dealer.

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Like most American cars, poor quality rubbish. You can do a lot better.

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