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What are other great free Bible programs on the net like the E-Sword?

Asked by seVen (3467points) April 26th, 2009

I just want one that would also be good to put notes in,highlight,many version options,mulit lingual [especially polish,english,italian], simple english would be good as well,etc.

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and if i may expand on your question (hoping not to hijack), any that work on mac os x.

and to provide feedback on your q, best 10 according to one site

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I usse a lot. (but now that I read your question, you’re looking for software, not websites. oops!)

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This site seems as though it has some decent freeware.

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If you would like to know about soul winning. And finding videos of real life discussions with people on the street about Jesus; try The Way Of The Master.
Its really informative, and it is a great tool to witness to other’s who haven’t found their faith yet.
This isn’t exactly what you asked about, but I thought perhaps you’d be interested any way,

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I’ve heard good things about logos. It’s pricey, but it is practically an entire library for less than $500. A good deal for long term use. I use for straight biblical stuff although you can’t add notes. It just works as a good concordance and has several versions in several languages. Any translation you can imagine in English it probably has.

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The above link is to my answer on answerbag where you can click on the links. I will copy the answer here, but some of the links will not be clickable when copied and pasted that way.
Some online Bibles and other resources that I have found are: /. Several translation, only one verse at a time.;&version=31;77;50;51;49; /. 5 versions with up to 5 groups of verses /. William Tyndales Bible Many articles with links to scriptures. Online interlinear. /. King James and American Standard with Strongs references /. Vines concordance (if previous link to Vines don’t work, try the following. . Many versions, concordance’s, manuscripts (including the “Textus Receptus” and the “Alexandrian”. Fragments of the Greek Septuagint Query&book=36&chapter= 1&lid=en&side=r&ve rse=18&zoomSlider=0#36–1-1 8–5 Sinaitic manuscript, I believe that it is the oldest complete manuscript.
Here are some differences that I have noticed.

The following have something to do with the Vatican MS 1209 from the 4th century, but as of right now, I don’t see an English parallel. [
Further information: /./]

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