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What does a network admin see when you use Google Reader?

Asked by metadog (378points) April 26th, 2009

I roll through a lot of my blogs via Google Reader at work. Most of what I look at is related to my work, some of it isn’t. If my network guys took an interest in me, what would they see? A lot of time in Google Reader, or every blog that Google Reader is set to tap? If they can see everything, is there a way to prevent that? Short of setting up a proxy server (though not ruled out as an option)... Thanks!

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If your address bar starts with this:

Then they will see the address you are visiting but not the content. SSL content is viewable though not easily. If you link to a proxy then they will see your traffic out to the proxy.

I am a system admin and have worked in several environments. Use of a proxy server in those environments will get you terminated, immediately. So I would check with your employee handbook and use a little bit of common sense before you go visiting something you don’t want your co workers to know about.

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They could also have screen monitoring software installed on your machine, in which case they would see everything that you saw, regardless of SSL or Proxy servers, etc.

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