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Do you get more done when you only have a limited amount of time to do it in, vs having an unlimited amount of time to do it in?

Asked by Dutchess12 (1575points) April 26th, 2009

Shoot. I’m getting more done on the weekends than I’d get done in a month when I wasn’t working!

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Yes—I get way more done when there is limited time. With no real deadline, I procrastinate and get nothing done. That reminds me—I should be working on…

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I always work better under pressure…that’s my excuse for procrastinating.

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I thrive under pressure. Is there anyone at all who is MORE efficient working under unlimited time than limited? I would think everyone works better under limited time…maybe that’s just my slacker personality talking though.

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Limited. I get super overwhelmed with pressure though. When I was younger, I didn’t know how to utilize that pressure, but now I use it to my advantage, to get things done.

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Yes. I’m the queen of procrastination

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@facade ahem. I beg to differ. :-)

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I do my best work under pressure. I used to get so mad when I was in school. The papers that I did “the right way,” doing my research over the course of the semester and really studying got worse grades than the papers I did the night before they were due.

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I work most efficiently under high pressure or stress. I don’t know why, but I can’t focus when I know I have a lot of time to accomplish something, I suppose I’m more open to distractions.

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I hate deadlines, but I eventually need them. For certain things, I work really well under pressure, in that crunch time, but there are definitely things that it doesn’t work so well for too.

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Im the shit under pressure!

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…each works within the other…i break down big time slots with smaller time/task slots…the smaller slots are not without breaks to chill out and recompose if needed…this life experience is but one leg of my soul’s eternal journey…

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Grace under pressure, baby!

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@PnL I think there really are some people out there who are so task-oriented that once they start a project they faithfully carry it through. That would not be my husband, BTW!!

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I most definitely work more efficiently under pressure. My mind enters in to a sort of “overdrive” mode, focusing solely and completely on the task(s) at hand and the limited time in which I have to do it/them. For example, I set my alarm to wake me up an hour and a half before my usual time to learn some material for my first period class. It never went off, causing me to wake up even later than I normally do. Because of this time crunch, I learned the information in 30 minutes, while straightening my hair.

When I’m trying to get ahead and finish projects waaaaaay before their deadline, it’s almost like I find ways to waste time. Not a good habit to adopt…

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do you think it’s people like us who can find ways to distract ourselves like hanging out on internet sites like fluther to see what total strangers have to say about things that probably don’t really matter, who are the best at working under preasure?

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It’s equal, if you believe Parkinson’s Law — “work expands to fill the time available for its completion”.

C. Northcote Parkinson worked in the British Civil Service, wrote the Law in 1958’s Parkinson’s Law: The Pursuit of Progress.

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Fuck. I should do my Sociology homework.
I have nine weeks or work due tomorrow.

Can you guess what type I am? Sitting here, Fluthering?

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I’m equally adept in both types of scenarios since I can switch my procrastinatory tendencies on and off at will. When I can find the time to do so, of course.

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I work better under pressure. I am a big procrastinator, which I guess leads to having to work well with limited time.

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