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Do you think Frank Sinatra was really THAT good?

Asked by simone54 (7600points) April 26th, 2009

Seems pretty over rated to me…

I think it’s just because he was Italian and the Italian Americans needed to have a Italian American super-star.

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Oh yes, baby, he was really THAT good.
But some people like dr. pepper and some don’t

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He was an excellent entertainer, had a wonderful singing voice, was extremely sexy and yes, he really was all the good.

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Yes, old Frank was better than good.

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Without question, he was THAT good.

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Frank. Was. ALL. That.

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I don’t care for the upbeat stuff he did, but no one can sing a sad, slow, lonely tune like Frank.

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He was good and he also was a powerful American figure with ties to very powerful people.

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Go listen to “It Was A Very Good Year”, “In The We Small Hours” or most anything from No One Cares.
‘When you’ve loved and lost the way Frank has….’

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