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What amount of time should be devoted to a proper back massage?

Asked by FGS (1932points) April 26th, 2009

I say 10 minutes but someone I know cough cough thinks the “rub, rub your done” method suffices.

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30 minutes minimum!

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I like an hour.

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I go for 90 minutes!

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Depends on the masseur. If it’s your SO, you’re lucky for >15 minutes (which I think would be the proper amount).

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I’m assuming in a non-professional atmosphere, in which case I think 10–20 minutes will suffice.

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15 to 20 minutes before your SO gets bored would be good.

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I give a pretty good massage, but my hands do fatigue after about 20 minutes.

When going to the spa, I book the longest massage available!

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depends how hot the massage recipient is !!
usually after 15 min the massage can get uh… sidetracked.

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If you are with a SO if it lasts longer than 15–20 minutes you are doing something wrong ;)

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lol wow you beat me to it by literally half a second

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great minds think alike ;)

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