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Does anyone have any tips to get the 3 color lines (Red, Green and Blue) to converge?

Asked by Dutchess12 (1575points) April 26th, 2009

We picked up an older projection type big screen at a garage sale for $20—but we can’t get the colors to converge! It’s like being on an acid trip to watch it! I downloaded the owner’s manual, followed the instructions, no luck. My husband took the front panel off and tried adjusting them manually, no luck…..

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Maybe, there’s a reason you paid $20 for it.
See if any repair places will take it in.

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Get the model number from your tv and do a google search for that problem. If it was sold at a garage sale for $20, it’s probably seriously damaged and will cost a lot to repair.

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@asmonet Yeah, you get what you pay for! It’s really not worth fixing…we’re just going to put it upstairs for the kids to play their video games on, and who cares what the video games look like?!

@The Compassionate Heretic It’s not too bad actually…it’s watchable. And I did google it—that’s where I came up with the owner’s manual. I was just wondering if anyone had any secrets to share with me, for free! :)

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