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Is it ok to drink alcohol when I'm sick?

Asked by jsc3791 (1988points) April 26th, 2009

I know that I need to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate when sick, but will it hurt me to have a few glasses of wine?

I don’t want to prolong this illness any further, but I have been craving a drink or two.

Are there certain types of alcohol that are any “better” than others to drink when you are feeling sick? I know a lot of this lies in myths/old wives tales, but I thought I’d ask.

Just FYI I have a sinus infection/chest cold, going on for a week now.

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As long as you’re not on antibiotics or sleeping meds drinking shouldn’t be a problem. I mean, I wouldn’t get trashed, especially since you’ll feel doubly awful the next morning, but I’ve knocked back a few when I had a cold many times and it was fine. From personal experience, I’d say drink a few screwdrivers. At least you’ll be getting some orange juice. Oh, and here’s the obvious choice: make a hot toddy.

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Booze is the universal antidote for whatever ails you. And if you aren’t sick when you start—keep going, you’ll get there.

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yes its fantastic

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Drink a hot toddy.

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When you say wine, I say yes, as long as you aren’t on medication, but a “few” glasses is too much. One glass of wine can be good.

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Thanks for the suggestions. Just to add clarity, I am not on antibiotics or medications that cause drowsiness.

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Alcohol dehydrates you and messes with your health-preserving vitamins and minerals [ source ]. Asking your body to cope with this extra stress when you are sick does not seem to be in the best interests of recovery.

The craving might be something you’d want to look at treating separately.

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I’m more concerned by you ‘craving a drink or two’.

It’s a bad idea. Right now especially. And because of that sentence I’m gonna go ahead and extend it to in general as well.

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It’s not a good idea. Wait until you’re better.

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I always went with the theory that the bad stuff will be killed by the booze in my system.

If you aren’t on any medication you should be fine. (I am not a doctor)

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Whisky = the best coughingmedicine EVER!
Alcohol = ok as long as you drink plenty of water.

But don’t get wasted, that will only weaken your body and the healingprocess will take longer.

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I mean it’s probably not gonna kill you, but it definitely won’t help the situation.

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Booze. The cause of .. and solution to.. all problems.

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A little bit alcohol will cheer you up and help you get well soon.
Drinking too much will kill you.

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Wouldn’t Jaggermeister be the cure-all?

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I decided the better of it and took my dog on a long walk instead.

As a side note, I wasn’t craving a drink like in an alcoholic sense, I was just thinking it’d be nice to have wine with dinner, like I enjoy when I am well. Sorry if I came off sounding like I was actually craving the alcohol. I just wanted to know if it was worth thw dehydration…I am guessing not. I can wait until I am well. =)

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How pertinet to my life right now. :) I do think, though, that it varies from person to person. Some people’s immune responses are unaffected by alcohol. Others are sensitive to it.

I got sick with a cold 6 weeks ago. 1 week goes by, I finally felt better, I had 2 rum and cokes. I woke up sick again the next day (not hung over… sinus/head cold). Got better, felt great for a week (gave myself more recovery time), had 2 glasses of wine. Got the head cold symptoms again the next day. Got better a week later. A week of wellness went by, had a couple beers. Woke up sick with that same damn cold the next day.

I refuse to believe any longer that this is coincidence. I’m a fucking dumb guinea pig, that’s for sure. But it’s hard to deny, after the 3rd occurrence, that alcohol does a serious number on my ability to fully recover from the previous cold or fight off new colds. So now even though I feel fine, I won’t touch alcohol for a good couple weeks until I’m SURE I’m well again.

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lurve for being a fucking dumb guinea pig! XD

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As long as you smoke crack first, it probably won’t mess with your immune system too much. You know, you also listed some of the symptoms of the swine flu…

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NO. it lowers your immune system and slows your rehab. Drink water and juice buddy.

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